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Dave Chappelle Blast Candace Owens As He Speaks On Racism

Comedian Dave Chappelle Met Greated With Reactions
Comedian Dave Chappelle Met Greated With Reactions

Comedian Dave Chappelle has spoken up and taken a stand against racism and police brutality in the United States, as he takes on Candace Owens in new Netflix special titled “8:46,” which the streaming platform surprise debuted for free on its YouTube comedy channel late Thursday evening.

Dave Chappelle in his special show, touched on everything from George Floyd’s death to being unable to accept a Grammy award on the day Kobe Bryant died, to the hypocrisy of conservative TV host Laura Ingraham and even throws in a signature bit about Ja Rule for levity. 

But before we go into all that, lets touch on what had trigged Dave Chappelle outburst, especially on Candace Owens, which was what has brought the issue of ‘racism’ in America to the front burner once more. The murder of George Floyd. 

Will the unfortunate death of George Floyd in the hands of the Police, bring about the needed change in the world in terms of putting an end to racism and police brutality against people of colour in the United States and other European countries? the answer probably will be a NO, as this will not be the first time neither will it be the last. But one thing though, his death though unfortunate, has sparked huge response around the world, that people in authorities and whites dominated organisations are now willing (so it seems) to listen to the pains of the people of colour and delivery on the necessary changes for an equal society.  

His death without a doubt also, will go down in history, not just in the United States of America, but around the globe as one of the tragic events that changed the world into a ‘better place’ for all…hopefully, we pray!.

So now back to Dave Chappelle and his comedy show, the comedian opens by saying: 

“It’s hard to figure out what to say about George Floyd, so I’m not going to say it yet,” 

He then later added that:

“I got to tell you, this is like the first concert in North American since all this s— happened, so like it or not, it’s history. It’s going to be in the books.”

According to Variety, the special was filmed on June 6 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with coronavirus-era social distancing guidelines in place for attendees, including face masks and temperature checks. The comedy legend had not performed on stage in 87 days until the special, though he has since performed similarly intimate gigs around the Dayton area.

In contrast to his opening remarks, Dave Chappelle dives deep into topics of police brutality and Floyd’s death in the set. The Emmy winner also criticizes political commentator Candace Owens, saying, “I seen Candace Owens try to convince white America, ‘Don’t worry about it. He’s a criminal anyway.’ I don’t give a f— what this n— did. I don’t care what this n— did. I don’t care if he personally kicked Candace Owens in her stanky p—. I don’t know if it stanks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know for sure. I’ll tell like Azealia Banks. I’ll tell.”

“8:46” references the length of time Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee against Floyd’s neck, ultimately leading to his death. It is also, as Chappelle reveals, the time of day he was born, according to his birth certificate. 

The 27-minute video came with the disclaimer “From Dave: Normally I wouldn’t show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand,” with a link to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit organization aimed at ending mass incarceration and racial inequality. 

Its founder, Bryan Stevenson, was the central character in the 2019 film “Just Mercy,” starring Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson.

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