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  • Moon Jae-in denies receiving a hearing report on Cho Kuk

Moon Jae-in denies receiving a hearing report on Cho Kuk

Moon Jae-in denies receiving a hearing report on Cho Kuk

The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in has denied receiving a hearing report from the National Assembly accusing his newly appointed Justice Minister Cho Kuk of a misconduct. The President said this in a national broadcast at the Blue House on Monday morning.

The reports and the alleged ongoing probe against Cho Kuk and his wife for alleged misconduct were to stop the President from appointing the embattled law professor Cho Kuk as South Korea’s justice minister. But he received presidential approval on Monday alongside others as Ministers and commissioners at the Blue House, with a mandate to reform the prosecutors’ office.

According to the Japan Times, the Liberal darling Cho Kok was named last month by the president himself a former human-rights lawyer as a nominee to lead the ministry. But the confirmation process became a partisan battleground when questions were raised over Cho’s daughter’s schooling and his relatives’ investment in a private equity fund suspected of dubious operations.

The report also added that officials from the prosecution office that Cho Kok is to lead have carried out multiple raids over the past two weeks linked to the scandals.
And last week his wife, professor Chung Kyung-sim, was indicted for allegedly forging a college award for their daughter.
Despite all these, the President went ahead to make his appointment, but not without making his stand known to the people, as on Monday, he released this statement stating what he knows about the whole crisis on Cho Kuk at the Blue House. This was the statement released a few hours ago by the President:

Today, I would like to express my congratulations to the people with the appointment of four ministers and three commissioners.

This time, six people were appointed without receiving a hearing report from the National Assembly.

The purpose of the National Assembly’s personnel hearing process for each minister and minister-level mandate that the president has the right to appoint without the constitution’s consent may not be enough. I think it is to find better talent.

However, only one of the seven candidates, who was a bureaucrat from the bureaucracy, was sent a personnel hearing report but only six outside candidates.

The appointed Ministers and commissioners at the Blue House(image via-IG/bluehouse)

This is happening repeatedly by the Moon Jae-in government, and the more reformed personnel are having difficulty in the personnel hearing process. I would like to say that I feel a great responsibility as a president and that it is frustrating that the National Assembly’s personnel hearing process is not operating as it intended, and that it is a great difficulty in integrating people and recruiting talented people.

In the case of the Attorney General, there were many suspicions, suspicions of spouses, and fierce confrontations of pros and cons. As I saw the situation that could lead to national division, I had to ponder as a president.

But I thought it was more important to be consistent with principles. It would be a bad precedent if you did not complete the prosecution hearing and meet all of the procedural requirements, and you did not appoint only the alleged misconduct that you were responsible for.

When elected as the head of state operations elected by the people, the president is responsible for fulfilling the pledges promised to the people as faithfully as possible. During the last presidential election, I called for reform of power institutions as one of the most important commitments, which was supported by the people.

I believe that since I took office, I have made that commitment sincerely, and the public will recognize that at least the reforms that the president and the power agencies can do on their own have done well.

The remaining task is to ensure the political neutrality of the power authority and to complete the legal system without securing the regime’s good faith.

I clarified the reasons why I advised me to work with me to reform the power system and to entrust it to the Secretary of State, who has made progress.

I think that will not be stranded. In this regard, we ask for your broad understanding and support.

I am also aware that there are many concerns that if a family is subject to investigation and even a prosecution has been appointed as a minister, there may be obstacles to strict investigation or difficulty in carrying out his duties as minister. The prosecution, however, has already undoubtedly demonstrated his strict will for investigation.

The prosecution will do what the prosecution needs to do and if the minister does what the minister does, it will also be a clear indication of the reform of power institutions and the development of democracy” he said.

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