PHOTO: Lewis Hamilton takes pole at Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton takes pole at Belgian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton takes pole at Belgian Grand Prix(via-IG/lewishamilton)

Lewis Hamilton look set to extend his 24-points further, after an impressive qualifying session on Saturday at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton claimed pole position ahead of his Ferrari rival Vettel who at the outset, was favoured to take the pole, but a perfect timing from Lewis Hamilton and his team made sure Sunday they take the front line.

Saturday’s qualifying was not without some issues as the weather created a lot of problem for the drivers, but Lewis Hamilton somehow managed himself in the treacherous conditions to finish fastest.

The surprise of the day was Esteban Ocon driving for Force India was third fastest and took the pole to the amazement of fans. It will be the first time the French man will be making the pole since his career, and  Sunday will be a huge test for him, driving behind Vettel.

While reacting to Esteban Ocon pole position, Lewis Hamilton surprised and happy for the French man, said:

“Unfortunately we’re in a weird place in Formula 1 where some teams, rather than taking a new up and coming kid, they’ll take whoever has got the money. I think the structure is probably wrong.

“He needs to be in a great car because he’s one of the top drivers here. I hope the opportunity is there for him.”
“You can’t let someone who has more money leap in front of a better driver. The governing body definitely has to somehow.

“In some ways, I wish I was managing him!” He said.

Vettel also praised the 21-year-old, saying:
“I think he’s doing everything right. I think it’s very good for him, this qualifying session,” said the Ferrari driver.

“Unfortunately nowadays a new guy comes in and he’s the superhero, and then another guy comes in and he’s the new superhero. And then the first guy is forgotten even though he’s doing a very good job.”

The race will start tomorrow with Vettel looking to win so as to keep Lewis Hamilton within reach.

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