PHOTO: US Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Sacked Upon Visit To Nigeria Twitter Reacts

Image: Tillerson and Buhari before his sacking today

The President of United State, Donald Trump is well known for his no-nonsense character, especially when it comes to laying people of staffs, as his favourite quote has always been ‘You Are Fire’. So, it is not a surprise to hear Rex Tillerson has joined the list of sacked officials from the cabinet of President Donald Trump since assuming office as the president of United State. Rex Tillerson seems to have been taken unaware, as he was on an official duty to some selected African countries, and was only yesterday in Nigeria, only to be sacked today.

Image: President Buhari and Tillerson in Abuja (@MBuhari/twitter)

Tillerson sack has generated a lot of reactions on social media, as he is now the number one trending topic on social media. Some of the comments on social media suggest that Tillerson was sacked because he came to a ‘shit hole’ country Nigeria instead of Chad he was to visit. But whether his visit was approved by President Trump or not, it is still no record that Tillerson has been rumoured to be wanting out of the Trump’s Government before the sacking.

The Statement released by President Trump and Vice President of the United State Mike Pence reads:

Image: Tillerson and members of Nigeria Executive (@Mbuhari/twitter)

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Thanks to Rex Tillerson for his service to our Administration and Nation & I congratulate CIA Director Mike Pompeo on his nomination to become the 70th Secretary of State. My statement:

See some of the reactions on twitter:

 You don’t even have the cojones to tell Rex Tillerson @StateDept to his face and used Twitter. What a disgraceful excuse of a man you are. You are worse than an adolescent girl with a phone (clearly today’s youth is far more intelligent than our @POTUS ). #MoronInChief

?I wonder if Rex Tillerson got a chance to hand over feedback he got from his African trip.I guess this is why Rex and Russian envoy never got a chance to meet in Addis Ababa despite both being booked at Sheraton resort.


Buhari and his legendary negative energy. Hours after meeting Buhari, Rex Tillerson was sacked. I hereby warn American leaders and officials including President @realDonaldTrump to avoid Nigeria while Buhari is in power. The man is not conducive to progress. Learn from Tillerson!




 The removal of Rex Tillerson is further proof that our president is bereft of policy. What he has is a very small dick that he waves indiscriminately until he finds some place to stick it.

Richard Hine @richardhine

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