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Don’t Wait, Save Others By Speaking Up – Cubana To Rape Victims

Don't Wait, Save Others By Speaking Up - Cubana To Rape Victims
Don't Wait, Save Others By Speaking Up - Cubana To Rape Victims

Popular Lagos big boy and self-proclaimed Celebrity Barman, Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu known better as Cubana Chief Priest, has lashed out at alleged rape victims for waiting so long to speak up about their rape experience. He also said not speaking up early, could also allow others to become a victim of the same rape.

Cubana who is somehow a controversial figure, taking to his social media page on Saturday 6th June 2020, to add his voice to the recent allegations of rape cases in Nigeria, said not speaking up early and waiting for the alleged rapists to get rich before speaking out, could also be described as gold-digging as very few people would believe the victims of rape. He said:

“Waiting For A Rapist To Blow Or Get Rich Before Speaking Out Or Reporting To The Right Authorities Is An Act Of Gold Digging N Dragging,” he said.
He went on to say:

“Your Silence Endangered The Lives Of So Many People When You Let A Rape Case Slide Or Waste Time.”

Cubana Chief Priest, not to be misunderstood by his statement on the issue of the recent rape cases, added that parents needed to do more, where he said:

“Parents We Have To Teach Our Children How To Speak Up Immediately. It Helps Authorities In Proper Investigation To Get Justice Served.

Why Did It Take You So Much Time To Report What Caused You Severe Pain? To Be A Rape Victim No Be Hustle Or Pay Back,” he adds.

Cubana also questioned why there were no ‘poor’ rapists in the names raised in the recent rape cases, saying:

“I Wonder Why This Recent Calling Out No Dey Reach The Poor Or Don’t The Poor Rape, let’s Be Guided How Can You Wait For Someone Who Raped You When He/She Was Poor To Get Rich N Famous Before Calling Him/Her Out Or Reporting To The Right Authorities.

The Chances Of Getting Justice Is Low Because This Person Now Has Money N Fame And Delay Helps Destroy Evidence, , Rape Is Evil It’s Best Tackled As E Dey Hot !!!! #SayNoToRape Speak 🔊 Out With No Shame There N Then Don’t Stress The Police, Judiciary N The Masses, Above All Don’t Risk Another Victim As You Wait, The Earlier The Better Rape Evidences Are Easily Determined By Physical Appearance Don’t Let That Heal Before You Speak,” he added.

From the statement by Cubana, it is clear he is sitting on the fence, as most names mentioned by victims, especially those of the celebrities, could be his friends and those who patronise his club, so he tried as much as possible to play it save with his statement.

Also, his allegation of no ‘poor’ rapists was mention in all the reported rape cases, shows that he is just being selective in his judgment. There were reported cases in Edo, Ibadan, and other places, that the alleged rapists are in this case, ‘poor’ or not known. Some of the rape victims were murdered by these same rapists, and it will be good if he just condemns the act and stops trying to tell a victim when or not to tell or share their experiences.

It takes times to heal and get out of such horrible and devilish act, and like we have seen, some don’t even survive it. So, let’s support those who have been courageous enough (it does not matter how long it took them) to speak, as such will give others the courage to also share their stories and not be intimidated by such statement as this.

Also, speaking up and name shaming your victim even though you do not get the justice you deserve from appropriate authorities, does not mean you are a gold-digger. You are only giving other rape victims who have been kept mute by their rapists and society, to speak up and shame the devil.

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