Police Investigating Samantha For Cyberbullying Meghan Markle

Police Investigating Samantha Markle for Cyberbullying Meghan Markle
Police Investigating Samantha Markle for Cyberbullying Meghan Markle

The half-sister to the Duchess of Sussex, Samantha Markle is in the news again, also for the wrong reason, as Police in Florida have revealed that she is under investigation for what they called, ‘Cyberbullying’ of Meghan Markle.

Samantha Markle who a few days ago, granted an interview to Inside Edition where she gave her thoughts about the media bashing of her half-sister by some British Tabloids, had said Meghan is a hypocrite, and she does not care, is now facing real charges.

According to multiple sources, an investigation because of multiple complaints of cyberbullying geared toward Meghan and Prince Harry, the Florida Police has opened up a file I. her name.

According to the Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, countries like Canada, Sweden, and the UK have filed complaints, although it’s unclear who exactly went to the authorities to try to get a handle on Samantha’s online presence. (It’s suspected that the royals have nothing to do with this.)

A Polk County Sheriff Department officer said that “there have been multiple reports of allegations of cyberbullying made” and it’s “a large and widespread investigation and is likely to be a long process.” They also added, “Samantha Markle is aware of this allegation. She has not been arrested. This is an ongoing case and I cannot speculate on a timeline yet or make any other comment.”

This all comes after Meghan and Harry were featured in a documentary and opened up about the stress that comes with being in the royal family and in the spotlight. In one segment, Meghan said, “So you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed. It’s, um…yeah. I guess, also, thank you for asking because not many people have asked if I’m okay, but it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes.”

After that video made the rounds, Samantha reportedly questioned Meghan’s character and said she hasn’t checked in on their dad, Thomas Markle Sr., who reportedly faked the heart attack he had before Meghan’s wedding.

Samantha Markle criticised Meghan in a TV interview after watching her sister in the ITV documentary ‘Harry and Meghan: An African Journey’ which highlighted Meghan and Prince Harry’s struggles under the scrutiny of the British tabloids.

The documentary which featured an emotional interview with the Duchess of Sussex, who became tearful and said: “Not many people have asked if I’m okay” as she struggles with the British media saw Samantha sharing her opinion about what she thinks about the whole thing.

Samantha while speaking to Inside Edition, reacted to the claims of Meghan, by saying:

“I think it is really ludicrous that someone who is escorted around the world by millions of dollars worth of security on private jets as a millionaire could ever complain about anything,” Samantha told Inside Edition.

The 54-year-old continued by saying:

“For her to have the audacity to say something like, ‘It is nice to know if someone wants to know if I am OK.’ I thought, ‘Wow, did you ever ask dad if he was OK during two heart attacks?‘” Samantha Markle said

When asked about the fact that some think Samantha is being mean to her younger half-sister, she said, “Telling the truth is not being mean.”

On Meghan opening up about her struggle with negative press, Ms Markle said: “She knew exactly what she was doing, so, hey you got what you wanted.”

This last interview could have prompted the petition by some people for her criminal investigation.

Samantha who is yet to be arrested by the Police, but aware that she is being investigated, is yet to speak further on the issue, as Police continue their work. #meghanmarkle #samanthamarkle #princeharry #meghan

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