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2nd December 2022

Russian Oligarch Alexander Subbotin Died From Poison

Russian Oligarch Alexander Subbotin Died From Toad Poison
Russian Oligarch Alexander Subbotin Died From Toad Poison (Photo via-Crux)

Russian Oligarch Alexander Subbotin, a former senior executive of the Russian oil company Lukoil, is said to have died from a suspected poison. He was said to have died after vomiting and complaining of chest pains after he was poisoned with a toad venom, AFP reports.

According to the report by the daily The Independent, which relies on several Russian media, Russian Oligarch Alexander Subbotin recently died in rather murky circumstances, at the age of 43. 

According to report, the Russian oligarch Alexander Subbotin was fatally poisoned by toad venom during a shamanism session in the inner suburbs of Moscow. Subbotin had asked this shaman, whom he had known for many years, to cure the aftermath of a drunken evening.

According to the story relayed by The Independent, the “specialist” would have made an incision in the body of the oligarch in order to infiltrate a few drops of the venom. Vomiting and chest pains, Subbotin reportedly felt unwell. The shaman would then have advised him to take a sedative and rest. A few hours later, he was found dead in his cellar. He would have suffered a heart attack, a hypothesis which has yet to be confirmed by an autopsy.

Wave of mysterious deaths

This tragic disappearance could be reduced to an alternative “medicine” consultation that went wrong. However, since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin on February 24, the suspicious deaths of oligarchs or important figures in the world of the Russian economy have multiplied.

Since February 28, at least four oligarchs have been found dead according to Newsweek magazine , which also mentions two deaths before that date. All in conditions that amount to suicide. Among them, three would have killed women and children before killing themselves.

For now, there is absolutely no evidence to link these deaths with any Kremlin activity, especially since none of them have taken a position against the “special military operation”, the official term used by Moscow.

However, the tide seems to have turned for these billionaires who had made a fortune in the 1990s. A kind of message sent by the authorities which could sound “the end of a shameful system, which had been denounced in particular by Navalny”, indicated on our antenna Vladimir Federovski, a former Russian diplomat.

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