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28th January 2023

Head Of Russian Foreign Intelligence Humiliated By Putin

European Human Rights Organization Suspend Russia
European Human Rights Organization Suspend Russia

The head of Russian foreign intelligence Sergei Narychkine was on Monday, humiliated by President Vladimir Putin during his Security Council broadcast on television.

Sergei Narychkine was called out on live TV by Putin, after he failed to give a satisfactory answer to the Russian leader when asked about his opinion on the independence of the separatist territories of Donbass, AFP reports.

According to the report, Putin before his televised address, during which he announced that he officially recognized the independence of the separatist territories in Ukraine, had convened his Security Council.

Putin had in the broadcast meeting on television, asked the head of Russian Foreign intelligence Narychkine, if he thinks it is necessary to declare the independence of the pro-Russian territories in the Donbass.

He had asked: “what do you propose to do?”, the head of Russian foreign intelligence seems hesitant, and explains that he “will support the proposal to recognize”. An answer that does not seem to be enough for Vladimir Putin:

“Are you going to support, or are you supporting? Speak frankly!” he asserts.

Destabilized by the leader who asks him to be clearer in the choice of his words, the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service then gives an answer that is surprising to say the least:

“Yes, I support the proposal on the membership of the two republics of Donetsk and Lugansk within the Russian Federation”, declares Serguei Narychkine.

“That’s not what we’re talking about”

Problem, it is not a question here of integrating the two Republics into Russia, but of recognizing their independence. What Vladimir Putin does not fail to remind him with a smile.

“Yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about,” laughs the Russian president.

The head of intelligence will eventually give the answer that is expected: yes, he is in favour of the declaration of independence of the separatist territories of Donbass.

After this humiliating exchange, he is asked to return to his seat. A sequence that says a lot about what is happening in the Kremlin, and how Vladimir Putin exercises his power, the AFP reports added.

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