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Actress Keke Palmer Loses Grandmother Mildred

Actress Keke Palmer Loses Grandmother Mildred
Actress Keke Palmer Loses Grandmother Mildred (Photo via-kekePalmer/Instagram)

Actress Keke Palmer has announced the passing away of her grandmother, Mildred Ivy West Davis, as she took to her official social media handle to pay a tribute to her.

Actress Keke Palmer taking to her social media handle to share a photo showing herself and her grandmother from her hospital bed, said “Today we celebrate you!”, she said.

Although she did not say whether the photo she shared to her Instagram handle was that of her dead grandmother and her lifeless body on the hospital bed, she was photographed hugging her grandmother in the hospital, with a caption that reads:

Rest In Peace grandma. Today we celebrate you! As you always say I get my good looks from you and I will miss all your quick wit and sarcasm. It’s no Palmer house without grandma Palmer, we will miss you in flesh but in spirit, I know you can never leave us,” she added.

Keke Palmer has been powerfully impacted by her grandmother. In her book, “I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice,” Keke recollects on the vital role her grandmother Mildred Ivy West Davis played during her youth.

She said: “She literally lived right behind our house when I was growing up. I would run through a withered forest-y pathway (think of the movies by the director Harmony Korine) to get to her house and every time I made that trip, it felt magical to me, like a fairytale, because on the other side I could see my Grammy.”

She has fond memories, such as her grandmother giving her hot chocolate and claiming it was coffee, or how she would occasionally go thrift shopping with her, which they both enjoyed. Keke remembers that Grandma Davis taught her how to pray (the Lord’s prayer). Keke would ask her grandmother to sleep with her, and her grandmother would always respond by reading the Bible next to her until she fell asleep. Keke would awake the following morning and see that her grandmother never had slept in that bed. Keke does not even know when her grandmother slept, or if she even did. With some time to reflect on that, Keke thinks that Grandma Davis did not sleep because of an anxiety that runs in the family.

She knew her grandmother spent a great deal of time worrying about the family, but managed to relax through church and prayer.

Keke had said that, in another life, she would work in hairstyling. She enjoys the creativity involved and being able to communicate with a variety of people. But one of the most important reasons she would be a hairstylist is because it is what her grandmother did.

She had said: “My grandmother was a hairstylist. She had a beauty salon, and that’s how she took care of my mom’s family.” Keke has an eternal appreciation for all that her grandmother has done for their family.

Actress Keke Palmer did not say when her grandma died and from what. But from us here, we say may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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