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Ubi Franklin And Iyanya Are Officially Back Together

Iyanya And Ubi Visit To Don Jazzy After Reconciliation
Iyanya And Ubi Visit To Don Jazzy After Reconciliation

Ubi Franklin and Iyanya seem to have put aside their differences, as a statement put out on Wednesday, suggest that the two are back together as partners and are already working on a song!!

This good news is coming a few months after their public spat over the shares, record deals and ownership of Made-Men-Music Group (MMG).

Made Men Music Group Boss and businessman, Ubi Franklin, who is also a Special Adviser on Tourism to the Governor of Cross River State, Governor Ben Ayade, broke the news on Wednesday 8th September 2021.

These parties having explored life differently in the same niche, various spheres and found a defining purpose to their missions have collectively decided to come as one body to reckon with,” Ubi Franklin had said in his Press statement shared on his official social media handle on Wednesday.

He first started his statement by talking about old times and how they separated to pursue individual goals, saying:

How time indeed flies, it has been 165.6M Secs, 2.8M minutes, 46K hours, 1916 days, 274 weeks, 63 months, 5 years since the resolution of the contract binding two resilient and hardworking parties that felt the need to give themselves time and grow independently.

We appreciate the effort of friends, colleagues and well wishers for the years of believing in our craft, supporting our purpose and encouraging our mission.

We also acknowledge the individual management over the past years and look forward to working as a large family.

We hope that this re-emergence bring forth more successful years.


@iyanya Let’s Get It .WE OUTSIDE,” he ended his statement.

Ubi Franklin and Iyanya, no doubt are a partnership made from heaven. And this they have shown over the years, with the way they took the Nigerian music scene by storm, churning out hit upon hit songs. But unfortunately, things fell apart for the duo who both hails from Calabar, thereby attracting negative headlines for themselves.

Ubi Franklin And Iyanya Fight Over MMG Shares:

What Ubi Franklin said about Iyanya during their record label battle:

Ubi Franklin after Iyanya came out with some allegations about how he owned MMG and single-handed funded the label, refuted the alleged allegation levelled against him.

Iyana whom we all thought then had left Ubi Franklin and his MMM company, while appearing in an interview with Bolanle Olukanni, host of the Juice on Ndani TV, in 20219, faulted the claims that he has left MMMG, as he insisted then that he still has a stake in the company and that he never at any time sold his shares.

Speaking with Bolanle, Iyanya alleged that Don Jazzy gave him life after he and Ubi Franklin fell apart and also disclosed that he didn’t sell his share when he left the label.

When asked what led to his departure from Made Men Music MMM, Iyanya said:

“What people don’t know is, I didn’t sell my share. People see me and say oh why did you sell your share? I didn’t sell my shares, I left Made Men at the time because there was so much darkness. In the midst of all the wings, I decided to let that go.

When I said it was darkness, I was not myself anymore because I felt like there was no trust anymore. Because at the time I was singing I co-owned Made Men with Ubi but I later realized that my name was not in any of the forms I signed and I was broken and that was the beginning of me just saying to hell with everything” he said

The ”Your waist” crooner went on to reveal how Don Jazzy brought him into his record label, Mavin, immediately after he left Ubi’s Made Men Music.

“Mavin was … shout out to Jazzy… Jazzy gave me that platform to put music out because I left Made Men and I didn’t want anything from Made Men, so Jazzy just said look, man, you’ve built something over the years and starting all over is not going to be as easy as you think, so just put out music from here and work on something.

So people really thought I signed to Mavin but it wasn’t like a legal signing, it was just love. And then Temple Music came, when Temple music came, I love the vision, I love the dream and I was like Okay, let me try this, and that was when I released “Up To Something,” “Hold On,” I mean, “Good Vibes. And after that, it was time for me to move, because I felt like I got to the point where I have to put out my own thing, have my own family, have my own team”.

Iyanya added that joining Don Jazzy’s record was a healing point for him after Ubi ”betrayed” him.

“That was healing for me, that was the best time of the whole situation I was in, that was the best moment because Jazzy just opened his family and said look, you’re one of us and everybody just showed me that love coz it came from Jazzy. So from Jazzy to Tiwa, to Baby Fresh to everybody, it was just loved and that really gave me life because, to be honest with you, I was broken. Like I was broken!” he said.

Ubi Franklin’s Reactions To The Allegations Then:

Ubi Franklin not liking all the allegations from Iyanya, decided to set the record straight, putting out signed documents (settlement documents) which were allegedly signed by Iyana, signalling his exit from the Music Group, and all that Iyana had told the media are nothing but lies to make himself look good.

“It’s very unfortunate that A person I took as my brother had to lie to the world to make himself look good.

Always wait for both sides of the story to call people names.

Here is to prove that iyanya Lied to make himself look good.

Exclusive interview dropping in 1hour.

I have never fought anyone I have worked with, dated or married publicly and I swore never to do that.

We try to settle things in house and if that can’t happen we call on elders to mediate, it has always worked.

Thank you “ he had said then.

Ubi Franklin And Iyanya: Ubi’s interview With Cool Fm:

Ubi Franklin keeping to his promise of coming to clear his name at a popular radio station in Lagos, CoolFM, was at the Midday Oasis on Wednesday, which is the radio show anchored by Dotun and Kemi, where he said a lot, but most importantly thanked Iyanya for making him.

If you can still recall, in early 2019, March to be precise, we brought you the interview between Iyanya and Daddy Freeze, where Iyanya bashed his friend and former business partner, Ubi Franklin on how he was cheated on what he built with his money (being the record label MMMG).

Ubi Franklin having listened carefully to all the allegations levelled against him decided to show up at the MidDay show to clear his name, where he even said he had to miss his son’s inter-house-sports for the interview.

Dotun and Kemi Smallz doing what they know how to do best, started by asking Mr Ubi Franklin how it all happened and why Iyanya left the group.

Ubi Franklin who was at the Radio station with his lawyer and some documents to back his claims, asking the question, said:

“I am not here to drag Iyana under the Bus as he did me with Daddy Freeze the other day, but I would like you to be specific with your questions,” he said.

“I will start from 2012 because he made mention of why I was posting 2016 documents and not 2012…I am here to address all the issues raised by Iyanya and those are the only questions I will answer…and nothing more”

“In 2012, we had gone to one of the top record labels (PSquare) on an invitation in Omole and we were all there having a friendly chat Dtunes, Emma Nyra, Iyanya and myself drove there, as we were just starting up then…there was no record label then…”

…We were there chatting when Iyanya said they wanted to sign him…he broke the news to us and I ask him

they wanted to sign you? I was fuming and Psquare signing him and pulling him out of our group will be a big problem for us…so I thought to myself…”

“The next day, we had our first interview in this very station (2012) “ Ubi Franklin said, while also asking Dotun if he can recall…Dotun clearly cannot remember so they continued with their questions…

“I told Iyana he should not sign for anyone, and he said to me but there is no money…I then told him not to worry that there will be money…I started thinking of having a Label of our own”

The name Made Men Music Group:

“I called the label Made Man Music….but Emma Nyra said no it should be Made Men Music since we were four…and Iyanaya looked at me and said he was not interested in the business side of music and all he only cares about is the music,” Ubi Franklin said.

“So, Iyana was never a business partner with me…he was only interested in music, and only wanted to be big”

Made Men Music Group Registration and Partnership:

“When we first registered the company 2012, Iyanya was never a partner”

Ubi Franklin was then asked about making his brothers Directors and not Iyanya as alleged by Iyanya himself. He said:

“For you to get your company registered by then by CAC you needed some signatures, as me alone cannot be a signatory to a company…so for the company documents to be approved, I had to ask my brothers and a friend to sing and that was why they were directors”

“Having signed those documents, we needed some funds to kickoff, but we had nothing…I remember one time when I asked Iyanya to approach one lady we saw somewhere, as she was looking like a very rich woman…Iyanya approached her and she was surprised to see Iyanya telling him how her children loved his songs and all…she introduced herself as a banker with Access Bank…” Ubi Franklin said.

So, since we needed funds to run the company, I called the woman in Access Bank and asked her if her bank can give us a loan…She said why not that I should come to her office…

I went to her in Victoria Island for the loan, and presented the CAC documents of the company to her as she had demanded…and when she discovered that Iyanya’s name was not in the document as one of the shareholders she refused us the loan…

“She said since Iyanya who they know, she cannot give out a loan to someone they do not know…”

“I was ashamed and we went back to CAC October in 2012 to put Iyanya’s name as a director…meaning my brothers and friend had to relinquish their position as directors for Iyanya to come…” Ubi Franklin said.

Ubi Franklin after his explanation on MMMG formation was then asked if he forged the signature of Iyanya? he said:

“I have never ever forged any signature…I have never done that and as a Lawyer myself, I no the implication of forgery as it is a serious crime…the signatures are that of Iyanya and for the name not being correct, it was my lawyer Barrister Obinna in Abuja that made the error on his name…but those signatures were not forged” he said.

“After the CAC was ready, we had an agreement which was a Joint Venture Agreement between the two of us where all profits from the company will be shared 50/50…and in October 12/2012 we officially became business partners”

Iyanya left in 2016…

He was asked how much was made from the business from 2012 to 2016 when Iyanya left and his share.

Ubi Franklin said:

“Since he didn’t mention that I won’t speak on it…there was a lot of liabilities and when we got a loan from the bank Frida Francis gave us the security for the loan…offer letter…It made us push out Kukere, and other songs…”

Ubi Franklin was then asked if Iyanya was signed as an artist or just partners?

“As an artist and business as partners…Psquare were the reason i pushed for opening a company”

The profits we made from Kukere was used to run the company, and as a song, people knew the song but not the man behind the song…since people did not know who the guy was, we needed to shot a video and promote that too”

We had a management deal where 70% was for him and 30% for me”

Tekno 30million/situation

“In early or late 2012 we had gone to Abuja to record a song…Tekno walked into the studio and Tekno started singing and sang ekiete love to dance…

I looked at him, with his Afro and I was impressed and asked him (Tekno) if he was signed by any record Label…and he said Yes and I asked him to call me when his contract expires”

Ubi Franklin was asked if it is true Iyanya only got N145K from the alleged N30million made from Tekno’s Duro. He said:

“Iyanya does not like Tekno and I have evidence of this…Tekno called me one day after our meeting in Abuja to let me know his contract was done, and after some documentation and I told Iyanya about him and Iyanya said I do not want to be part of it and does not want Tekno in the team…”

Ubi Franklin And Iyanya Dealing with disagreement:

“I did what I wanted to do irrespective of him not wanting me to, as I am that man they when I believe something will sell it will and that was what happened with Tekno”

“I signed Tekno because i believed Tekno was going to be big and since Iyanya was not interested in signing, i went on with all the deals…

“Iyanya did not put money on Tekno ‘If I dance’ was our first video with Tekno but it was until 2014 when things really started picking up for Tekno with the release of Duro…”

“We had bills to clear, so money from Duro was used…We had bills to clear, so money from Duro was used…”

On why Iyanya was not getting anything from Tekno.

“In 2016 Tekno was making money and Iyanya came to me, asking why he was not making money from Tekno…If you are not bringing money for a business you cannot profit from that…” he said

Why was Iyanya not getting money from the Tekno deals even when the business is 50/50 deals, Ubi Franklin was asked:

“I am not giving him money from Tekno because he was not investing in Tekno…”

Paul Okoye called the two of us one day to make peace and asked me to give Iyanya some percentage he is getting from Tekno…and they agreed on 50/50 and Iyanya said thank you and they left…”

Did Iyanya get more than 145k from Tekno? he was asked again…

Ubi Franklin said yes.

“We had few liabilities and Paul Okoye said he was going to offset the bills…the split happened for five months…and when Iyanya was leaving he said he does not what anything to do with it” he said.

Did you give Iyanya more than N145k he was asked again. 

He said:

“We paid N3million for a car for Iyanya and Paul made the payment and Iyanya also had N5million owing for videos and other things, and profits coming in from Tekno deals were used to offset all Iyanya’s liabilities…so he clearly got more than N145k.”

Paul O and his company managed our bills and I have never had problems with them…”

Do you still think you owe Iyanya anything?

Ubi said No…


“I travelled to America and stayed for a month, because I was waiting for my child to be born and Iyanya called me for a meeting in Houston where he told me he was leaving the company…

He said I made Tekno not to respect him and we had two drivers one for me, and one for Iyanya….Iyanya left and I had to find accommodation for my artists and we moved to Lekki using my personal money….We stayed there for four months before he left for our different houses…Iyanya had a fight with driver, gateman and Tekno..

How Iyanya Left: What were the transactions when you guys decided to leave?

“Iyanya said he didn’t want anything from the label…I told him fine…and i left to go be with my family and I saw a post of him announcing that he was leaving and to my surprise, he has left for Mavin and Temple music…and came with a lawyer and said he is relinquishing his shares and everything to me…”

“But before he could sign for another label, he was asked to go and resolve any legal issues he had with MMMG before he could sign…”

A day before he relinquished his shares to me and for us to sign we said we should meet at a Hotel to sign the documents and he begged me to help him set up his own business…and I said no problem and he left”

“Iyanya I got so much love for you as because without you there will not be me and I thank you for all you have done for me” Ubi Franklin said.

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