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8th December 2022

Piers Morgan Calls Meghan ‘Pinocchio Princess’

Piers Morgan Calls Meghan 'Pinocchio Princess'
Piers Morgan Calls Meghan 'Pinocchio Princess'

Piers Morgan calls Meghan Pinocchio Princess, as he brags about how a lot of people have called for his sacking on ITV over his racists remarks towards Meghan Markle and have all failed.

The latest call for his sacking comes after Piers Morgan cast aspersions on Meghan Markle’s mental health and using racists remarks towards her.

Taking to his social media handle to react to the call for his sacking on Monday March 8th 2021, Piers Morgan calls Meghan Pinocchio Princess by tweeting this saying:

Lots of people on here want me fired for expressing my opinion on the Pinocchio Princess. If you want to join them, there are various petitions still doing the rounds from the last few times you’ve all tried, and failed, to have me fired for saying what I think,” he said.

He has since gone ahead to block people who have been calling him out while also going ahead to defend his views about the whole Meghan interview. And interestingly, his focus has been on Meghan and not on Harry, which makes many of his followers and non followers to believe he might have a personal beef with Meghan, or is just him being his racist self.

This was his earlier tweet shortly after the interview with Oprah on Sunday:

I wouldn’t believe Meghan Markle if she gave me a weather report”.

Here are some of the calls calling for his sacking:

You said she pulled the mental health card when she opened up about her suicidal thoughts. Do you know how scummy that is? To tell someone with mental health you don’t believe them? You deserve to be sacked for that alone.

You are entitled to your opinion but it is absolutely shameful the way you have bullied this woman. You are not able to consider anyone else’s point of view or perspective.

Yes he is totally obsessed with Meghan ever since she declined further interviews with him.He’s been apart of the British machine that wants to destroy her.While in Britain she had done nothing but embrace the people and the charities she supported. He should’ve cared about that.

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