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Football Money League: Barcelona Overtake Madrid As Top Earners

Barcelona Tops Deloitte's Football Money League
Barcelona Tops Deloitte's Football Money League

Barcelona has been ranked the top earners in the Deloitte’s Football Money League, as they toppled rival, and European giants, Real Madrid for the top spot.

The Deloitte’s Football Money League ranking for the English Premier League clubs, saw Manchester United leading the way, as the Red Devil are ranked third, and first in the Premier League ranking, with Manchester City and Liverpool coming next, Tottenham and Chelsea then followed in the top ten, with Arsenal dropping out of the top ten ranking.

According to the report, Barcelona who only yesterday sacked their manager and appointed new head coach, generated more money than any other club in Europe for the first time last season, the study showed.

The Spanish club earned £741.1m in revenue in the 2018-19 season according to Deloitte’s Football Money League, and Real Madrid followed in second with £667.5m, and Manchester United third on £627.1m.

The Reds Devils are said to be “at risk of losing the position as the Premier League’s highest revenue-generating club for the first time” next year.
See the Deloitte Football Money League ranking:

1 #Barcelona 741.1 (611.6)

2 Real Madrid 667.5 (665.2)

3 Manchester United 627.1 (589.8)

4 Bayern Munich 581.8 (557.4)

5 Paris St-Germain 560.5 (479.9)

6 Manchester City 538.2 (503.5)

7 Liverpool 533 (455.1)

8 Tottenham 459.3 (379.4)

9 Chelsea 452.2 (448)

10 Juventus 405.2 (349.5)

11 Arsenal 392.7 (389.1)

12 Borussia Dortmund 332.4 (281)

13 Atletico Madrid 324 (269.6)

14 Inter Milan 321.3 (248.7)

15 Schalke 286.3 (216)

16 Roma 203.6 (221.5)

17 Lyon 194.6 (145.5)

18 West Ham 190.7 (175.3)

19 Everton 187.7 (188.6)

20 Napoli 182.8 (161.9)

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