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Canadian Government To Pick Up Security Bill For Harry And Meghan

Canada Will No Longer Pay For Prince Harry And Meghan's Security
Canada Will No Longer Pay For Prince Harry And Meghan's Security

The Canadian government are reported to be willing and ready to pick up the security bill for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan while they are in the country, as the debate as to how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would pay for their huge bill continues to make the headline in the United Kingdom. 

According to the report by Evening Standard, Canadian government through Prime Minister, Mr Trudeau who reportedly gave the assurance, had privately assured the Queen that Harry, Meghan and Archie’s safety will not be jeopardised while they reside in Canada. But it is feared that the move to pay about half the estimated £1 million annual bill could lead to a “furious” backlash in the country and threatens to damage the status of the monarchy there.

A poll conducted in August 2017 found that 41 per cent of Canadians wanted to abolish the monarchy following the death or abdication of the Queen, while 43 per cent were in favour of maintaining ties, the report added.

The Governor-General, who represents the Queen in Canada, is protected by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and as a prince of the realm of Canada, Harry and his family will be protected by the same team of guards, which will have to be expanded.

It came as Prince Harry was expected to arrive at Sandringham for showdown talks with the Queen, his father and his brother over his plans to stand down as a senior royal.

Meghan, in Canada with son Archie, could join the conversation by conference call but may not be able to due to the time difference, sources said.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex had explained that they want to step back, seek financial independence and spend much of their time in North America. 

They had also paid a visit to the Canada House where they spoke of the “unbelievable” welcome they received while in the Commonwealth country and joked that their son Archie was “mesmerised” by the scenery.

The duke and duchess spent the past six weeks in North America where they enjoyed some “much-needed” family time with their adorable eight-month-old.

The Sussexes last visited Canada House in March 2019 to mark Commonwealth Day, but this time they simply wished to express gratitude for the “support they received during their recent stay”.

The duke and duchess spent the past six weeks in North America where they enjoyed some “much-needed” family time with their adorable eight-month-old.

The couple were described by a royal aide as feeling “energised and excited” to be back in the UK, after spending most of December in the province of British Columbia, where they were spotted hiking on Vancouver Island.

The duke and duchess also mingled with different members of the High Commission team who work in a range of sectors supporting the partnership between Canada and the UK.

As they greeted staff on the Commission’s grand staircase, the duke asked: “Anyone here from British Colombia?”

When a few hands went up, he said: “What a beautiful place you live in.”

Harry went on to say “Thank you so much”, and made the group laugh when he added “not that you had anything much to do with it.

“But the warmth and hospitality we were shown while there was unbelievable, and that’s exactly why we chose to go out there.”

Meghan lived and worked in Toronto during her time starring in the popular US drama Suits, and the couple were famously pictured together at the 2017 Invictus Games in the Canadian city.

This afternoon the duchess stood beside her husband as she told the Canada House staff: “I want to say happy new year and thank you, and as my husband said, my goodness it was just such an incredible time we were able to have there, and with our son too.

“And just to be able to take in the warmth that we experienced from the people, but also just to walk around and just see the beauty of Canada.

“To see Archie go ‘ahhh’ when you walk by, and just see how stunning it is – so it meant a lot to us.”

After a meeting in the British Columbia Room with Janice Charette, the Canadian High Commissioner, Harry said: “There is a hell of a lot of work to be done and things to be talked through.”

He told Canada House staff: “We had a useful conversation. We hope to see you all again soon.”

Ms Charette, who entertained the couple to tea, oat biscuits, and Nanaimo bars – a chocolate, custard and coconut cake from the city of Nanaimo on Victoria Island – said she and the couple had discussed areas of interest in which they could work together, such as highlighting the dangers of climate change, promoting gender equality, and women’s empowerment.

“We talked about a few of those things, whether it is challenging relating to gender equality, gender empowerment, issues of homelessness whether that’s due to mental health stigma, issues of veterans’ homelessness, issues related to the Invictus Games, and challenges of conservation and climate change,” she said

She added: “The purpose of their visit was to come here and really say thank you to Canada for what I think was a really wonderful holiday period they spent in Canada.

“I think what they said to us in the conversation was they enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Canada but also the wonderful people of Canada,” she added. “I think it has a special place in their hearts, Canada.”

During their hour-long visit, the royal couple also toured an exhibition of work by the indigenous woman Canadian artist Skawennati.

Aides said Meghan had wanted to visit the Hubb Community Kitchen earlier to get an update on their latest work. “She just wanted to check in and the Duke accompanied her,” a spokeswoman said.

The royal couple, who had previously visited Canada House on Commonwealth Day in March last year, are not expected to undertake any further public engagements this week.

Tuesday’s visit is the first time the couple have carried out royal duties in the UK since Remembrance Sunday service in November.

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