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Omari Hardwick Pays Tribute To ‘Ghost’ In Starz Hit Series, Power

Omari Hardwick Pays Tribute To Ghost In Starz Hit Series, Power
Omari Hardwick Pays Tribute To Ghost In Starz Hit Series, Power

Omari Hardwick has given fans more reasons to believe that the leading act, Ghost in the Starz hit series Power, is no more, after he was shot in the season finale episode on Sunday. The actor on Sunday, made a post thanking the Starz management and Power crew for the opportunity presented to him on the show.

Omari Hardwick who will not be the first actor in Power TV drama series that will make a post following the death of their character, shared some life lessons, especially what the character ‘Ghost’ has thought him and millions of fans that have been following the show around the world. Although, we still do not know who shot the character Ghost, given that throughout the series, he has been a target even from his household, as fans keep throwing up names as to who might have pulled the trigger.  The answers to that question and many more will have to wait for the season finale which has been put on hold until 2020. 

Omari posted this message about his character, Ghost. He said: 

It is always your next move”

-Napoleon Hill


This rings true in every thing & every move we make in life…..or in fiction. Sometimes when the gift of which is given to the soul of a viewer or a listener is so definitive, lasting & powerful….the line between the 2 becomes blurred. Thank you Starz, producers, writers, directors, crew, teamsters & my beloved cast for trusting each other enough to aid majorly in this line being blurred. That is when programming shifts the culture. My belief is we accomplished that. Thank you fans for entrusting me with the job of quarterbacking this team of bandits who scored in stealing your hearts week in/week out for 6 yrs. Thank you @50cent @courtneyakemp @markcanton@shinybootz #CarmiZlotnik for your gifts & for knowing i was that QB. #ChrisAlbrecht..thank you for the process. @gary_lennon for the wisdom. Thank you Courtney as well for allowing me to select a fellow talented female in @shanasteinprod to be at the helm of 610. Shana thank you for your security, openness, trust, challenge, love, protection, ear & sight of ALL things me (in particular), but my talented cast mates as well. Never forgotten. @naturi4real @josephsikora4 @misslloren@lala @michaelraineyjr @shane_m_johnson@theonlyelizabethrodriguez@therealvictorgarber @realdonshea for game ONE on…

& ALL past & present teammates!

+Thank you #GlynnTurman for giving me a lifetime of a mentor & champion of my marathon🤜🏾🦅🦅🤛🏾. A gift you are.

@mrsjaeh thank you for the infamous prayer of me embracing my power months before this job was brought by God. A lasting prayer answered. **& to EVERY family member, friend, colleague & most imperatively…FAN who finds themselves at an impasse between that ever present Real & Fiction right now of whether your ghOst has become just THAT…a ghost…And are in rage because of it….i overstand your emotion & if Ghost has taught you anything…..watch the company you keep & keep the company you watch. 👊🏾” he said.

While fans are waiting and guessing who might have shot Ghost, and whether or not he survived the bullet, the creator of Power, Courtney Kemp has been speaking on the Character of Ghost.

Courtney Kemp who granted an interview to Entertainment Weekly had said this about Ghost when asked about who shot Ghost. See the questions she was asked and her answers to them concerning Ghost:

Omari Hardwick Pays Tribute To Ghost In Starz Hit Series, Power
Omari Hardwick Pays Tribute To Ghost In Starz Hit Series, Power

Did you feel like you had to build Ghost up and then take him down a few notches? Especially in this episode, he’s getting pretty full of himself. He literally says here, “No can f—ing stop me.”

“Well, I’ll just say pride goes before a fall. How about that?”

And quite a fall. Speaking of the buildup, he’s now lined up to run for lieutenant governor. For him, what is his motivation there? Because, like Tasha (Naturi Naughton) says, it’s basically an open invitation for people to look for the many skeletons in his closet.

He’s looking to be further legitimate, he’s looking to go beyond, he’s looking to go through the stratosphere. He believes in himself fully. In a way, we’ve actually weaved Ghost out of the drug business for a really long time, but it’s not until Jason is actually dead in episode 9 that it’s really over. And that’s what Angela says to him in this episode, she says, “You’re finally free. All of those influences in your life are gone, and you can move on and be the version of you that I always wanted you to be.” That’s the irony, that he’s actually now the version of himself that Angela would have wanted him to be. It’s Icarus, right? He flies too close to the son. And that’s part of the imagery that we’re dealing with.

Lastly, what hint can you give us about the series finale?

“I don’t have an answer for that! It will look like premium cable circa 2020? I don’t know. It will be well-lit? I have no idea how to answer that question. I think that’s you again trying to be slick, which I appreciate. But no, it’s going to look like the answer to a lot of things” she said about #ghost and #power.

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