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  • Punjab Province: Over 73 Killed In Pakistan’s Train Fire- Officials

Punjab Province: Over 73 Killed In Pakistan’s Train Fire- Officials

Punjab Province: Over 71 Killed In Pakistan's Train Fire- officials
Punjab Province: Over 71 Killed In Pakistan's Train Fire- officials(AP Photo/Siddique Baluch)

The death toll from the Pakistan’s Punjab province train fire on Thursday morning, has risen to 73, as emergency service workers are on the scene of the accident working to evacuate the injured, and some dead bodies.

According to the report by Associated Press, a Pakistani official who spoke with them about the Punjab province train accident, said the death toll from the horrific train fire that broke out after a cooking gas stove used by passengers for cooking breakfast exploded has risen further to 73.

The report also stated that one Kaleem Ullah, an official with the district emergency services, said another 43 people are injured, with 11 still in critical condition following the blaze on the train travelling in eastern Punjab province on Thursday morning.

Also, Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad who spoke about the accident, blamed passengers for the accident, as it could have been avoided if they have obeyed the simple rules, he said.  “The fire took place on Thursday when some of the passengers were preparing breakfast on the speeding train in violation of rules” he said.

Survivors said it took the train nearly 20 minutes to come to a halt after the fire broke out and passengers began screaming for help. Some pulled at emergency cords that weave through the train to notify the conductor.

No official and final figure has been given as to the total number of deaths, and the injured and those unaccounted for in the accident, as rescue workers are still on the scene of the accident, and will give a final figure as soon as they are sure.

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