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29th September 2022

Willow Smith gets dragged for not shaving her under arm

Willow Smith gets dragged for not shaving her under arm
Willow Smith gets dragged for not shaving her under arm

The social media no doubt is a place for different characters, as alot of craziness happens all the time, and one person facing such madness is Willow Smith who is the latest celebrity to be experiencing a backlash for a post which her mother Jada posted showing her unshaven under arm.

This will not be the first time Willow Smith or any members of the Smith family will be coming under attack by some mean characters behind the phone and computer keyboards and phone pads,as they drag the hell out of Willow Smith for her Innocence….


I mean she shared a post which was a a photo of her mother Jada and herself, and all what some of Jada Pinkett-Smith followers could do was to ignore the lovely photo and drag her for not shaving her under arm which was visible in the photo.

While some found it offensive and dirty, others came in her defence condemning those calling her out for keeping an unshaven under arm.

No words either from her mother who has of late been in the news for stepping into the Jordyn Woods and Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson mess…she made it possible for woods to make her voice heard, as she was already being blamed for the alleged Tristan’s shenanigans. See some of the comments:


@mattforman6115 and you clearly didn’t get a tip or two from that class, beards are disgusting you should shave your beard too and be clean shaven

ladies…. ❤#armpit


@tantanala yes i am so are many other human being including women, because its not pretty that why people shave it, im bringing nailpolish eyebrows and makeup because thats the same thing if she wants to be “natural” then she also shouldn’t use those products, ans btw you provide no information with each reply, you just add period and repeat the same thing , and also im not against her, i dont hate her and her family (i follow them) but you don’t have to explain her and be her “bodyguard” and jump.on everyone who says something PERIOD lol


@sobhanghaderi1 she is who she is, period. And armpit hair is natural, no one talked about her finger nails. You addressed her armpit hair and called it disgusting. You are disgusted by natural armpit hair.


Shave them armpits young lady ‍♂️


She didn’t shave under her arms.. Big deal. Moving along. But we all grown.


@dnario_dunkinigot_soupcoolers @hajleez @yngcomp asking for a friend but do y’all as men shave? Because we all grow armpit hair as humans & if you’re saying she stinks then y’all prob smell worse


She beautiful and natural . Do y’all know alot french woman don’t shave either arm pits nor legs or bikini lines . Ppl judge others to much and just worry about themselves


@aneamie I guess they skipped the part about shaving and hygiene in that basic biology class as well

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