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Trump wall: Talks between VP Pence and Democrats hit a brick wall

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The talks between Vice President Mike Pence over the funding of the Trump Wall and reopening of the Government, has hit a brick wall, as President Trump confirmed this in a tweet a few hours ago.

President Trump who has vowed not to blink on his campaign promise to build a border wall (trump wall) across the Mexico borders, said on Saturday that Mike Pence met with the leadership of the Democrats but no progress as parties are not willing to shift grounds.

According to a report by CNN, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney speaking on the meeting and the Trump wall, said:

“did not make much progress” at the meeting, adding that he thought Democrats were “actually, in my mind, there to stall.”

“We didn’t make much progress at the meeting, which was surprising to me,” Mulvaney said. “I thought we had come in to talk about terms that we could agree on, places where we all agreed we should be spending more time, more attention, things we could do to improve our border security. And yet the opening line from one of the lead Democrat negotiators was that they were not there to talk about any agreement.”

Trump also confirming this said:

“V.P. Mike Pence and team just left the White House. Briefed me on their meeting with the Schumer/Pelosi representatives. Not much headway made today. Second meeting set for tomorrow. After so many decades, must finally and permanently fix the problems on the Southern Border!

The Democrats want Billions of Dollars for Foreign Aid, but they don’t want to spend a small fraction of that number on properly securing our Border. Figure that one out!

We are working hard at the Border, but we need a WALL! In 2018, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics seized, 17,000 adults arrested with criminal records, and 6000 gang members, including MS-13, apprehended. A big Human Trafficking problem”.

Members of the Trump administration and congressional leaders have met several times since the government partially shut down two weeks ago, but prospects of the government opening anytime soon seem bleak as both sides appear reluctant to budge on funding for border security (Trump wall) and a wall.

source in Saturday’s meeting said “baby steps” were made, but Democrats are asking for an official justification from the Trump administration of the demand for $5.6 billion in wall funding and border security.

The administration will produce that justification Saturday night or Sunday in an attempt to further talks by Sunday afternoon.

Trump is also planning to declare a state of emergency as a possible and likely option left for him to build the trump wall.

President Trump who in a press statement seems not to be aware of this, until a reporter brought it to his notice, quickly jumped to the Idea, saying he could and would use a state of emergency if his talks with the Democrats hit a brick wall again.

Trump was asked by the reporter if he understands that he can build a wall without congressional approval?

He said yes, that he may do it, he haven’t done it, but could do it…

We now wait to see what happens with the State of emergency, and how Democrats will react to this, as impeachment threats are already hanging in the air…

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