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Rex Tillerson is dumb as a rock- President Trump

Rex Tillerson was dumb as a rock- Trump
Rex Tillerson was dumb as a rock- Trump

President Donald Trump comes hard on former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson calling him dumb as a rock, and as someone who lack the mental capacity to process information, and ultimately very lazy, that’s why he replaced him.

Trump said this in a tweet, as he
shuffles personnel under his administration. He has since nominated a new attorney general and the US ambassador to the UN.

Trump called former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell,” while he praised his replacement, Mike Pompeo.

Trump fired Tillerson back in March and nominated Pompeo, then the CIA director, for the role.
He said this about Rex Tillerson in a tweet:

“We got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things,” Mr Trump said in an impromptu news conference on the White House lawn. “We were not really thinking the same; with Mike Pompeo, we have a very similar thought process . . . I think
He said:
“Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him. His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!”

The president clashed repeatedly with Mr Rex Tillerson over most big foreign policy issues, with Mr Tillerson urging a more diplomatic approach to Iran and North Korea than his boss.

The ousting, which Mr Trump acknowledged was done without speaking directly to Mr Tillerson, came just hours after the secretary of state outspokenly supported the British government’s case that Moscow was behind the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy — something the White House had failed to do.

But administration officials said the removal of Mr Tillerson was prompted by the decision to hold direct talks with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, a move that Mr Trump made without consulting the secretary of state.

“The president wanted to make sure to have his new team in place in advance of the upcoming talks with North Korea and various ongoing trade negotiations,” a senior White House official said

This new tweet slamming Rex Tillerson is coming after the ex-Secretary of State opens up after nine months of his sacking as to why he could not work with Trump in a fundraising event he attended on Thursday. He said:

“So often, the President would say, ‘here’s what I want to do and here’s how I want to do it,’ and I would have to say to him, ‘Mr. President, I understand what you want to do but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law,’” Tillerson said.

Stating further, he said: “I didn’t know how to conduct my affairs with him any other way than in a very straightforward fashion.”

I think he grew tired of me being the guy every day that told him you can’t do that,” he said.

On use of the social media by Trump, and how it has become a means of putting out official statement, like his sacking while on an official trip to Nigeria, he said:

“I will be honest with you, it troubles me that the American people seem to want to know so little about issues, that they are satisfied with a 128 characters,” he said, adding, “It’s really a concern that I have about us as Americans and us as a society and us as citizens.”


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