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PHOTO: ‘The secret behind my success’-billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji

The secret behind my success- billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji
Image: 'The secret behind my success' billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji (via-IG/officiallindaikeji)

Linda Ikeji has taken to her social media page to give her fans and followers some secret behind her success as she said she was still struggling at the age of 30.

Linda Ikeji who is now 38, said her billionaire status did not happen overnight nor did she became a billionaire because she was a regular churchgoer. She said she was never the type that likes going to church, and if she could tell people the number of times she has been to church they would probably call or see her as a sinner.

The blogger who is presently in the United States of America and expecting her first child whom she already named ‘J’ (the J could mean John you can tell…lol), without any doubt is the richest African blogger today, and also one of the billionaires we have in Nigeria, said she got to where she is today, through hard work and her little prayers inside her room.

While reacting to the success being recorded by her online television medium, Linda Ikeji who said people have always doubted her and businesses, until they start seeing results, put up this small piece to encourage others who might be having issues about life and where they are today. She said:

“Every other minute, someone somewhere, in Nigeria, in the world, is subscribing to lindaikeji.tv. Everytime I get an alert of a payment, I mouth ‘Thank You God’. This is a venture many had doubts would work, but God has a way of proving people wrong.” She said.

She went further to say that she would like to share the secret of her success. She said:
“Now, I’ll like to share with you guys the secret of my success; Hardwork and a lot of PRAYER & PRAISES. Listen, I’m not a church goer; if I told you how many times I’ve been to church in the last 5 years, you would call me a sinner. But here’s what I do every day I wake up; I pray to God and then I praise Him. I never fail. Even if it’s just for a minute, I praise Him. You know what I’ve learnt by constantly praising God? I learnt that the more I praise Him, the more He steps into my matter; the more I praise Him, the more He Gives me reasons & testimonies to praise Him.”

'The secret behind my success' billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji
Image: ‘The secret behind my success’ billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji (via-IG/officiallindaikeji)

“I didn’t come from riches; I’ve seen the kind of poverty I hope many of you never see; there were days that I didn’t have food to eat; days I would walk for miles because I didn’t have transport fare; days I couldn’t sleep from so much sadness & worry, so much pain and despair; days that I would worry about how I would return the N5k I borrowed from my mum’s meager teacher’s salary; days I wondered how to go on; when my life would turn around. I turned 30 and I was still struggling. But you see, in all of this, there was one thing I never failed to do, work hard & then PRAISE Him. And for that, God faced me one day and has since never departed from me.”

“Now listen to me pls. When you want to give up, when it looks like the world has turned it’s back on you, in the midst of pain & sorrow, please never ever fail to praise God. The praises and prayers that come out of your mouth will cause God to step in; to fight on your behalf. Tell Him constantly, please don’t pass me by, don’t turn your eyes against me and then lift your hands and start to praise Him. He’s the only one who can show His power through your storm. The only one greater than any calamity. So keep praising Him. And keep working hard.”

“My prayer for you today is; may the praises of God never depart from your mouth and may He bless the works of your hands. Have an amazing week ahead.” She concluded.

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