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27th January 2023

Britney Spears’ Dad Removed As Her Conservator

Benny Blanco And Britney Spears Tease Possible Collaboration
Benny Blanco And Britney Spears Tease Possible Collaboration

Britney Spears’ Dad has been removed as conservatorship of her Estate after years of court battles.

According to the report by TMZ, Britney Spears’ Dad was officially removed as conservator of her estate on Wednesday, as the report claims the conservatorship looks like it is coming to an end.

A Los Angeles court decided Wednesday to withdraw the guardianship of Britney Spears from her father Jamie, in accordance with the wishes of the singer who had described as “abusive” this measure which she asks for the cancellation.

This guardianship, set up in 2008 after mental disorders manifested by the star, remains in force until further notice but Jamie Spears no longer has a say in the management of his daughter’s private life or finances. , entrusted to professionals.

Britney Spears And Her Lawyer’s Allegation On Her Father?

Her father denied having exercised any illegal surveillance on his daughter. It was not until last July that she was able to hire a council and last month, Jamie Spears himself asked the courts to end the guardianship measure , noting that the singer “believes that she can manage her own life “now.

Britney Spears’ lawyers accused him of delaying tactics to continue to enrich himself on the back of his daughter.

It was a monumental day in court as Britney’s lawyer, Mat Rosengart, zeroed in on Jamie Spears, saying he committed shocking abuse and mismanagement during his tenure as conservator. Rosengart was especially outraged over recent allegations Jamie engineered a scheme to secretly record Britney in her bedroom. 

Rosengart says there were conversations between Britney and her kids that were captured and he called it “unfathomable.”

Jamie tried arguing the conservatorship should end today, but Rosengart begged to differ. The attorney wants to hold Jamie accountable for possible misappropriation of assets, among other things, and he wants the conservatorship in place until he can investigate.

The judge agreed with Rosengart and suspended Jamie. She also ordered Jamie to turn over all the books and records during his time as conservator so Rosengart can pour through them.

TMZ also reported that their producer asked Rosengart on the way out of court if Britney would sue her dad if there’s evidence of misappropriation of assets or other misdeeds. Rosengart jumped on the question and said Britney would absolutely sue.

As for ending the conservatorship, the judge set a hearing for November 12. It’s very possible the conservatorship will be terminated on that day. Significantly, there was no talk in court about a mental evaluation as a condition to ending the conservatorship. 

The report also stated as a matter of fact, that all parties, including Jamie, have advocated for terminating the conservatorship without a mental evaluation, so it seems things are headed in that direction.

In the meantime, a new conservator of Britney’s estate has been appointed on a temporary basis. His name is John Zabel, a CPA handpicked by Rosengart.

For Britney’s part, she’s over the moon, posting on social media she’s on cloud 9.

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