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7th March 2021

Caleb Corprew And Justine Ndiba ‘Love Island USA’ Winners Split

Caleb Corprew And Justine Ndiba 'Love Island USA' Winners Split
Caleb Corprew And Justine Ndiba 'Love Island USA' Winners Split(via-Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Caleb Corprew and his partner, Justine Ndiba who were the winner of Love Island USA season two finale, are reported to have gone their separate ways. The news which was confirmed by both parties comes just after three months of being the first black couple to win the reality TV show.

Justine Ndiba who struggled to land a partner in the show, before finding a connection with a new housemate, Caleb Corprew, made the shocking announcement on Sunday on her social media.

In a long statement, announcing their break up, she said: ‘It’s truly a strange feeling to be typing this out but I understand my reality is now having to share some aspects of my life with you all regardless of how private I’d like to remain at times

‘This is extremely difficult for me to express but out of respect for those of you who supported me, and rode for me, I want you to know that Caleb and I are no longer together. ‘I do ask for time as I continue to go through the process of heartbreak and healing as this has all been very hard for me. I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support to this point and I hope that it may continue as we move forward as individuals.’

Caleb, 24, later released his own statement and said in part: ‘I wish her the absolute best and much continued success as God blesses her with new opportunities and adventures.

‘This announcement has been one that we have wrestled with for some time now. Not knowing exactly when or how to deliver it. The nature in which we met and fell for each other comes with a unique set of of obstacles that nothing in life can ever prepare you for.’

He added: ‘Myself, Justine, our loved ones, etc. are all real people with real emotions who love and hurt hard. ‘Unfortunately… when you choose privacy… others often feel it is their place to tell your story for you. Speculation or not. Even with that in mind, I am still choosing privacy for the sake of my own personal peace.’

Justine’s bestie and Love Island USA co-star Cely Vazquez – who split from Johnny Middlebrooks last week – tweeted a message of support for her pal, writing: ‘We all know Justine is going to thrive at the end of the day I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again, she is an angel walking this earth.

‘God has her best interest at heart & I just can’t wait to see the big things my BFF is about to do that’s where I find peace in this,” she said.

Cely herself broke up with her match Johnny almost a week ago. As the first runners-up announced their split on social media.

Announcing their break-up, Cely told her social media followers: ‘Because you’ve all been such a close part of our relationship, I wanted to share with you that Johnny and I are no longer together’ she said.

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