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8th December 2022

Judge Adjourn Harvey Weinstein’s Trial After Accuser Broke Down

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape And Criminal Sexual Act
Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape And Criminal Sexual Act

Judge James Burke of the New York Supreme Court on Monday, dismissed jury on the Harvey Weinstein’s trial as the court adjourns the trail until Tuesday. This decision was reached after the accuser, Jessica Mann reportedly broke down recounting how she was sexually abused multiple times.

According to the report by Deadline, the judge dismissed the Harvey Weinstein’s trial after Jessica Mann had told the court that she was:

“I’m having a panic attack,” after she returned from a brief recess, still unable to contain herself. 

The comment was not made in front of the jury, which had not returned from the five-minute break.

The emotional moment came during an afternoon of cross-examination in which Weinstein seemed to doze off momentarily, the report added.

As he left the courtroom at the end of the day’s testimony, Weinstein ignored a reporter’s shouted question as to why he fell asleep, saying only “Oh, please.”

By late afternoon, though, the Harvey Weinstein’s trial was anything but snooze-inducing. Mann was reading a lengthy 2014 email she’d written to her boyfriend in which she explained her relationship with Weinstein – a relationship that was an ongoing point of contention with her boyfriend.

Becoming increasingly emotional as she read the email – which Weinstein defense attorney Donna Rotunno had entered into evidence – a weeping Mann recounted how she’d insisted to her boyfriend “Eddie” that Weinstein “validated” her and that she’d tried to make the mogul a “pseudo-father.” Weinstein, she read, had “always offered to help me in ways my parents didn’t.”

“Harvey was my father’s age and he gave me all the validation I needed,” Mann had written to her boyfriend, identified in court as “Eddie.” Her email indicated that she had set clear “boundaries” with Weinstein and that the onetime Miramax honcho had “always been very nice” to her.

Mann also had written her boyfriend that Weinstein did not have a “working penis” due to “a fire” or possibly a deformity.

Mann’s words became unintelligible when she reached a part of the email in which she seemingly made reference to a prior instance of sexual abuse in her past. The judge then called for a short break and dismissed the jury and the weeping witness.

After a five-minute break, Mann re-entered the courtroom, still sobbing. Both prosecution and defense attorneys huddled with her at the witness stand before she stood and, seeming to begin to hyperventilate, exited the stand and the courtroom.

The judge recalled and dismissed the jury, halting the trial until tomorrow morning, the Deadline report added.

Mann, formerly an aspiring actress, alleges that on several occasions beginning in 2013, Weinstein raped her orally and vaginally in encounters that began with him demanding a massage at a suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills after the two had met there for dinner to discuss a possible role in the film Vampire Academy. Another assault, she says, occurred the following year at a New York hotel when she was visiting the city with two friends.

Weinstein has maintained that all sexual encounters with all of his accusers have been consensual. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

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