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Rebekah Vardy Threatens Coleen Rooney With A Lawsuit

Rebekah Vardy Threatens Coleen Rooney With A Lawsuit
Rebekah Vardy Threatens Coleen Rooney With A Lawsuit

The war between two famous British WAGs which we have been reporting since Wednesday looks to be heading to the courtroom, as Rebekah Vardy who was accused of leaking private Instagram stories of her friend, Coleen Rooney threatens to file a lawsuit to clear her name.

Rebekah Vardy who fears she is now the number one hated person in the United Kingdom since Coleen accused her of leaking her Instagram stories to the Press, has expressed her intention to sue Coleen Rooney if she keep insisting on her story, saying “Believe me or I’ll see you in court” the Sun reported.

The latest threat comes just a day after Coleen Rooney doubles down on her claims, that has seen the likes of Mrs Lloyd and others coming for Rebekah Vardy saying they believed Coleen’s allegations. Although she has denied the allegations which broke while she was still on vacation with her family in Dubai, the Sun reports that Rebekah Vardy, 37, and Coleen Rooney are now communicating via lawyers.

The Sun reported that a close source who is in the know about the whole situation, had said that Rebekah Vardy: “is prepared to see Coleen in court if necessary.”

Wayne Rooney’s wife is insisting that she is only prepared to communicate via their legal teams.

Meanwhile, devastated Rebekah who denies she was to blame for the leaks has drafted in a team of legal experts to try and prove her innocence.
The row intensified yesterday as both women played hardball.

Pregnant Rebekah , 37 wife of Leicester City striker Jamie warned Coleen: “Believe me or I’ll see you in court”.
And friends of Coleen insisted that she would not be corralled into handing over evidence of the alleged leaks.

One said: “Coleen has had enough of Rebekah’s outbursts.
“She is comfortable about the evidence that she has and doesn’t want a big legal fight.

But a source close to Rebekah said: “If Becky needs to prove to Coleen and the world that she hasn’t done anything wrong then she is prepared to see Coleen in court if necessary.”
Super-sleuth Coleen, 33, was dubbed “Wagatha Christie” after she claimed to have nailed her suspect.
Rebekah has demanded that she hand over screenshots said to prove that her Instagram profile was the only one used to view Coleen’s personal posts.
The friend added: “Coleen’s had enough of Becky badgering her for the evidence.

She spent months compiling this and knows she isn’t wrong about the account which saw the stories.
“She’s said she is more than happy to co-operate but has clashed so badly with Becky that she’s decided she will only release the rest of what she has when Becky’s lawyers make the request.

“She won’t deal with her and is happy to never speak to her in person again.
“Coleen is taking this seriously and gave Becky one of the screenshots at the beginning of this conversation to prove that.

“But she won’t allow her to drag this out in public and has asked for Rebekah not to contact her again about the evidence but to go through the formal channels.

Rebekah had blasted Coleen for publicly shaming her, saying “We’ve always got on fine, and I would have no reason to do something like this to her.

“My only issue with her is the way she has gone about doing this to me in public, and causing all of this upset, without speaking to me first in private.
“Why didn’t she pick up the phone? I have been so upset by it — and I’m heavily pregnant too.
“Now I’m getting death threats saying I should die and my unborn child should die.
“That’s why I’m determined to get to the bottom of what has gone on and clear my name.”

While we are getting ready for the lawsuit, just get your popcorn ready, as this battle is far from over…in fact, it is just getting started! #coleenrooney #rebekahvardy

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