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Rebekah Vardy cries to Coleen Rooney that she is not a ‘Rat’

Rebekah Vardy cries to Coleen Rooney that she is not a 'Rat'
Rebekah Vardy cries to Coleen Rooney that she is not a 'Rat'

Rebekah Vardy has allegedly put a phone call through to Coleen Rooney, explaining to her that she will never stitch on her, as she struggles with her public image after she was labelled a ‘rat’ by Mrs Lloyd on Twitter.

Rebekah Vardy was reported to have said that since Coleen Rooney alleged that she leaked her Instagram stories to the Press, everyone now sees her as a snitch and she feels hated by the public.

According to the report by the Sun which also was alleged to be the recipient of these private Instagram stories, Rebekah Vardy called Coleen Rooney saying:
“I would never stitch you up.”

The report also said that Rebekah Vardy alerted police yesterday after getting death threats in the wake of Wayne’s wife accusing her of leaking stories.

She demanded Coleen, 33, to hand over proof of her Instagram account was behind leaks. Becky said: “I’m determined to clear my name.”
Coleen publicly accused her former friend of leaking stories to The Sun about her and husband Wayne triggering an epic fallout on social media.

Becky, yesterday demanded Coleen hand over screenshots she claims to prove that her Instagram profile was the only one used to view her personal posts.
She insisted her own legal team would need them while they conduct their own investigation into the alleged leaks, the Sun has reported.

The report also added that Rebekah Vardy who made a tearful phone call to Coleen after she was publicly accused, again vehemently denied any involvement.
The wife of Leicester City striker Jamie said: “Everyone hates me. I swear I didn’t do this. I would never have done anything like this and certainly not to Coleen.

“I don’t know why on earth she would do this to me. She said she liked me then hung me out to dry in public.
“I have absolutely no idea who was responsible – I have always liked Coleen on a personal level.

“We’ve always got on fine, and I would have no reason to do something like this to her.
My only issue with her is the way she has gone about doing this to me in public, and causing all of this upset, without speaking to me first in private.

“Why didn’t she pick up the phone? I have been so upset by it and I’m heavily pregnant too.
“Now I’m getting death threats saying I should die and my unborn child should die. That’s why I’m determined to get to the bottom of what has gone on and clear my name” she had said.

The sun also reported that a friend close to her said: “Coleen did this so publicly because she felt she had no other choice.

This has been going on for a couple of years and it’s been incredibly upsetting at times.
“Personal information was being given out, including when she was pregnant, and she didn’t know who she could trust. She had issued warnings before but they weren’t heeded.”

Coleen’s bombshell claim has resulted in trolls targeting Becky, who is back in the UK after a family holiday in Dubai.

One horrific message read: “F*** you sly c*** I hope that baby dies you b***h.”

Officers spent about 20 minutes at the Vardy family home in Lincolnshire yesterday in what could be a move to check on security.
It is not believed the couple were there at the time.

Coleen says she knew that Becky had leaked the stories after she blocked everyone except her from viewing her private Instagram posts.
But Becky says she had given her password to a number of other people — and has now hired cyber-security experts to find out who could have accessed her account.

She said: “Even when I do find out who was accessing my Instagram, and who leaked the information, I will never call them out in public.

“I’ll deal with it privately behind the scenes because I never want anybody to have to go through the upset which I have suffered over the last few days,” she said.

We are not yet sure whether or not any legal suit has been filed and if there will be any, as WAG war continues for the third day running!#rebekahvardy #coleenrooney

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