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James Brown ‘godfather of soul’ was murdered-reports

James Brown godfather of soul was murdered-reports
James Brown godfather of soul was murdered-reports

A new report from close friends, family members are suggesting that there is a high possibility that the godfather of soul, James Brown and his third wife Adrienne, were both murdered by yet to be identified suspects.

Since the death of James Brown in 2006 at age 72, his family members, and close friends have been doubting the medical report that the singer/showman/dancer died of natural causes which Doctors say was from a heart attack and fluid in the lungs. From the report, it seems those suspicion of whether or not the singer died of natural causes still lingers in the mind of his friends and family, almost 13-years after.

According to CNN which broke the news a few hours ago, focuses on  Jacquelyn Hollander who despite her closeness with James Brown, accused him of 1988.

The report said, after her claims, she collecting evidence about Brown and his associates to bolster her case against him.

“When you’re up against the most powerful person in the world, you have to document, and you have to investigate yourself, and you’d better prove everything you’re saying,” she said. “Because nobody’s going to believe you unless you can prove it.”

While gathering all that, Hollander came across evidence that Brown’s third wife might have been killed. Unveiled writings from a police informant say that Adrienne Brown was murdered by a doctor who replaced her medication with drugs that would lead to her death.

Things only get stranger from there, as almost a dozen of Brown’s associates suspect foul play in James’ 2006 death.

Brown’s attending physician was immediately suspicious of his death. While the official line states that Brown died of congestive heart failure related to pneumonia, Dr. Marvin Crawford said that he would not have suspected Brown to die when he did.

“He was a patient I would never have predicted would have coded,” he told CNN. “But he died that night, and I did raise that question: What went wrong in that room?”

The CNN investigation has also uncovered friends of his third wife, Adrienne Brown, believe she too was murdered.

Officially Adrienne died on January 6, 1996, two days after undergoing plastic surgery. But a retired police detective has since come forward with evidence from an informant which alleges she was given a fatal drug overdose.

The doctor named in the allegations denied any knowledge but Adrienne’s close friend Jacque Hollander told the network: ‘There’s no doubt she was murdered.’

In a wide ranging investigation, a number of the allegations stem from Hollander, who accused Brown of raping her in 1988 after the pair worked together. It also details further allegations of Brown’s history of violence against women.

Kay Mixon, an advocate for domestic violence victims in Aiken County, South Carolina, knew Adrienne. She even alleges Brown had something to do with his wife’s death.

She said: ‘And they announced that she had died, over an overdose. And my first thing was, ‘No she didn’t. He killed her.’ I can’t prove it, and I probably shouldn’t say it, but I will take that to my grave. I believe he either did it or he had someone do it.’

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