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Soulja Boy slams Drake, Ye and Tyga calls himself best rapper alive

Soulja Boy slams Drake, Ye and Tyga while calling himself best rapper alive
Soulja Boy slams Drake, Ye and Tyga while calling himself best rapper alive

Soulja Boy without a doubt, is doing everything possible to find his way back to music, after a long absence and a declining career, and what better way to bounce back than take a dig at those big names already ahead in the game.

After the interview with 105.1, alot of people would have been saying oh Soulja Boy said this and that…and that he is speaking the truth slamming Drake, Tyga and Kanye West. But the truth is, the young man is looking for a way back into the music business and this is the only way for him to do that.

Before Soulja Boy appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club where he acted out a role, he had previously posted a video on his social media page, talking about the same thing and how he is coming back to the music scene. So, in a way, Wednesday’s rants was somehow not surprising as we expected that from an artist looking to get back to limelight again “music wise” but don’t know how to…lol

The “Crank That” rapper when asked by radio hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Envy insisted Drake was the “biggest rapper in the world,” Soulja Boy got up from his seat and made it clear he disagrees.

“Drake? The n—a that got bodied by Pusha-T? The n—a that’s hiding his kid from the world but his world ain’t hiding from the kid?” he asked. “You n—as better stop playing with me. Stop telling me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know.”

Another famous rapper that came up in conversation was Kanye West. When the Grammy winner was mentioned, Soulja Boy couldn’t help but question his public thoughts about politics.

“We looking at you like you goofy, bro. You up here supporting Trump and s–t, bro,” he shared. “You supporting Trump, bro?”

As for Kanye’s success in the fashion world thanks to his Yeezus line, Soulja Boy didn’t sound too impressed.

“You ain’t Walt Disney, you ain’t none of that, bro. You kissed them folks’ a– at Louis Vuitton. You kissed them folks’ a– at Adidas and you came out with two pair of goofy-a– tennis shoes,” he shared. “And that ain’t enough, bro. I’m younger than you. I’m flyer than you…You cryin’ every week on Twitter about Drake. You gotta stop that s–t bro! You look lame!”

And just when you thought he said enough, the 28-year-old heard the name Tyga and couldn’t help but sound off.

Tyga…Tyga…Tyga,” he shouted during the interview. “The n—-a who let Travis Scott steal his bitch?”

…I do not expect a response from Drake, who would probably looked past the whole drama as Soulja boy was only referring to is his album…But I cannot tell for Kanye and Tyga though, whose egos were brutally bruised…lol


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