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  • Daniel Sturridge wins Liverpool’s player of the month for September

Daniel Sturridge wins Liverpool’s player of the month for September

Daniel Sturridge wins Liverpool's player of the month for September
Daniel Sturridge wins Liverpool's player of the month for September

Daniel Sturridge was yesterday named the player of the month for September by Liverpool, just a few days after his goal against Chelsea won the award for Premier League goal of the month for September.

The former Chelsea man while responding to questions on all the awards, especially in September and in his general performance this season so far, spoke to the official website of Liverpoolfc

On joining the league of players at Liverpool who has scored 50 Premier League goals for Liverpoolfc.com He said:

“Yeah, it does. I didn’t know that was the number of people that did it, so yeah it does make me feel good,”

“I’ve felt like it’s taken me a while. I’ve been unfortunate over the last few years to have the odd injury here and there but to be able to reach this milestone is great for me. I would have definitely reached it earlier but at least I got there in the end!

“But I’m grateful to God and my teammates, the management and everybody that’s helped me get there. Some of my teammates have laid some of them on a plate for me so you have to take those ones when you get the easy goals!

“So it’s great to achieve that and long may it continue that I can contribute to the team and score goals and help us win games.”

“It was near enough the same position actually, that goal,” Sturridge recalls.

“It’s a toss-up between those two I’d say. I liked the goal against Everton at home a few years ago as well, but I feel like all goals, they all feel great.

“It doesn’t matter what the stage of the game is when it is, where it is, I feel like when you score it feels great. The feeling, the emotion, you feel from the inside when it happens is something special.”

Scoring against certain opponents does evoke something else, though.

“It’s tough because I feel like goals against certain teams feel different. When you play against Man United, when you play against Everton, those goals feel different to other games,”
Daniel Sturridge explains how he felt on the Chelsea goal. He said:

“Obviously it’s my old club [Chelsea] which I’ve got a lot of respect for, I’ve got some friends that still play there, so you know, that was a nice feeling. But I think the goals against Everton if you score and the goals against Man United always feel more special than any other goal I think.”

There are no plans to stop at 50 Premier League goals for the Reds, either.

“I’m always trying to push myself to the next level and contribute as best I can to the team to allow us to be successful,” the No.15 continues.

“I feel like we’ve been very unlucky actually over the last few years not to win something, so hopefully that’ll be the season when we can achieve that.

“But there’s a long way to go, there’s a lot of obstacles to overcome before we get to that stage when we can talk about trophies and these things. It’s important to just stay focused on each game that we have, not have too many expectations as well, and for everyone to remain calm and humble about everything.

“We have a great squad but it’s important to stay focused throughout the season to get to the end – and hopefully have something to be excited about at the end.” Daniel said.

source: Liverpoolfc

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