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28th January 2023

I am ashamed of APC impunity- Mrs Aisha Buhari

I am ashamed of APC impunity- Mrs Aisha Buhari
I am ashamed of APC impunity- Mrs Aisha Buhari(via=IG/aishambuhari)

Mrs Aisha Buhari just cannot stop SHAKING TABLES as the first lady of Nigeria a few hours ago took to her Instagram page to lambast the ruling party of the All Progressives Congress (APC)a party to which her husband and President, President Muhammadu Buhari belongs to, for their unfairness to the voiceless and ultimately their impunity as a political party.

Mrs Aisha Buhari who was speaking on the outcome of the various APC primaries in the country, complained that despite the fact that some members of the party used their hard earned income to purchase party forms which cost were on the high side, they were still rigged out of the alleged primary elections all in a bid to favour those  that were hitherto issued with the so called ‘automatic’ ticket.

Although she did not mention names, from the tone of her write up you could tell she is trying to speak for all the APC women members.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mrs Aisha Buhari said:

“It is disheartening to note that some aspirants used their hard earned money to purchase nomination forms, got screened, cleared and campaigned vigorously yet found their names omitted on Election Day, these forms were bought at exorbitant prices.

Many others contested and yet had their result delayed. Fully knowing that AUTOMATIC tickets have been given to other people.

All Progressives Congress being a party whose cardinal principle is change and headed by a comrade/ activist whose main concern is for the common man, yet, such impunity could take place under its watch.

Given this development one will not hesitate than DISSOCIATE from such unfairness, be neutral and speak for the voiceless.

I am ashamed of APC impunity- Mrs Aisha Buhari
I am ashamed of APC impunity- Mrs Aisha Buhari

It is important for the populace to rise against impunity and for voters to demand from aspirants to be committed to the provision of basic amenities such as:
1. Potable drinking water
2. Basic health care ( Primary Health Care centers)
3. Education within conducive & appropriate learning environments.

Let us vote wisely !!!!

…and of course Nigerians reacted to mrs Aisha Buhari outbust. See some of the comments:

mallamanbiz: Table shaking Sunday.

christianokon98: I guess your Excellency can’t stand this lifeless APC government. Its never been so bad

comr.ezekwu_ppk: Some people are born with knowledge and some acquire it. But for you, you were born with it and also acquire it. Thanks for hitting the nail at the head. Adams oshiomole must be ashamed of himself.

pretty_shyl: I love this woman, she stands for the truth. Thanks Ma God bless you

daniels_place: Am sure @aishambuhari account has been hacked, asiinnnnn seriously ?

cuteberry_j29: Can’t Love you Less Ma for these Honest and candid Words, portrays you’re a Woman of Integrity ❤️????

nonnyikpah: Your husband is jubril he must die??

ifeanyijaynwobu: Bless you ma @aishambuhari, you have spoken well.

oluwadamilare_abiola: Very profound ma @aishambuhari

vsunday210: God will bless you and protecting you from be attacked for speaking the truth

nnawezeokoro: Talk is cheap…they said nothing like office of the first lady yet this govt spend billions in tax payers money on her and her tens of assistants.. continue talking as if that’s what we are being robbed for…yeye dey smell.

dkhayr_02: Sai Baba ??

joe.chris37@dolapo_deji.torey:  that’s what are of them are always saying even Lia Muhammed are saying the same thing.. Fake leaders ???

think_thank_business_concepts@bm_aliyu: whether it was her brother or not, it takes a lot of courage especially as a woman to speak out against a party to which your husband belong to. Even her husband as a ex-military man has not been able to speak against the hanky pankies going on in the party

iamschoolboy: Tell you husband to go 2019 we had enough already ???

eddyduru@osalarge blind fellow…?

bambiadex You broke my heart for saying the truth…love you real

stulleshaamode ????

tosin_360@aishambuhari for president ?

nanaai.elegance: God bless you ???

nanaai.elegance: God bless you ???

saryumokorareOh well, all fit be wash! …..

pc_ezenwa: This woman go school…… she’s more than a mother, She’s fearless,she’s full of wisdom and the best 1st lady in the history of Nigeria. Though I don’t support your husband doesn’t mean I don’t you support you. Wish your husband can give you that

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