Kanye West’s Accuser Still Has Daughter In Donda Academy

Kanye West's Accuser Still Has Daughter In Donda Academy's Choir Despite Shocking Child Abuse Allegations Against Rappe
Kanye West's Accuser Still Has Daughter In Donda Academy's Choir Despite Shocking Child Abuse Allegations Against Rapper (Photo via-zacshuss)

Kanye West’s accuser and former Yeezy employee who recently sued Kanye West for alleged child abuse reportedly kept his daughter at Donda Academy despite his shocking accusations, Radar reports.

According to the report by Radar, the daughter to Kanye West’s accuser identified as Trevor Phillips, who sued West in a bombshell lawsuit earlier this month, was said to still be attending the Donda rapper’s private school despite allegations that West “wanted to shave [students’] heads” and threatened to “lock [the students] in cages.”

According to Page Six, multiple sources confirmed that Phillips’ daughter, Makayla Myles-Phillips, was still attending Donda Academy and that she was still part of the school’s choir program.

The sources also claimed that Phillips made “no attempts” to remove his young daughter from Donda Academy despite his shocking allegations lodged against West last Tuesday.

“She’s an elite singer. She just did a performance, and she actually had a solo,” one source told Page Six regarding Phillips’ daughter. “Her mom never heard her sing by herself before her solo. The program just boosted her confidence.”

“She is an amazing singer and rarely misses a rehearsal,” a second Donda Academy insider added.

Multiple sources confirmed that Phillips’ daughter, Makayla Myles-Phillips, was still attending Donda Academy.

Attendance sheets obtained by the outlet also showed that Makayla Myles-Phillips was still attending Donda Academy. She reportedly joined the Donda Choir back in January.

Other Donda Academy staffers refuted the child abuse allegations made by Phillips in his lawsuit against West last week. They called the accusations “outrageous.”

“It bothers me, honestly, because Ye is a generous guy,” one source said regarding the allegations against West. “One thing that everyone knows is that the kids, the school and everything in regard to Donda is his life, his source of light.”

“It’s just a big family aspect, and I think that’s what he wanted,” another Donda Academy insider explained, “especially under his mom’s name.”

Phillips sued West in Los Angeles last week for discrimination and harassment.

Phillips, who was hired for a position at Yeezy in November 2022 before being transferred to Donda Academy, alleged that West berated Black employees, gushed over Adolf Hitler, and disparaged the Jewish community during several private meetings.

“From the start of Phillips’ tenure working at Yeezy and Donda, it was immediately apparent to him, and others, that Kanye treated the black staff considerably worse than white employees,” Phillips charged last week.

“Even when class was in session, Kanye would scream and berate black employees, while never even as much raising his tone at the white staff,” the lawsuit continued. “Often, Kanye targeted Phillips – a black man – not just with this disparate and harassing behavior, but complete and utter disdain.”

Phillips sued West in Los Angeles last week for discrimination and harassment.

“On several occasions, Phillips also witnessed Kanye (1) spew forth hate (2) profess antisemitic tropes and lies, (3) threaten the LGBTQ+ community, and even (4) on one occasion, almost sexually stimulate himself.”

Even more shocking were Phillips’ allegations that West once told two young Donda Academy students that he “wanted to shave their heads,” “put a jail at the school” and even allegedly threatened to “lock them in cages.”

According to one Donda Academy staffer, Phillips’ daughter did not attend choir practice at the school this past weekend.

The insider called the situation “unfortunate” and admitted that they were “not sure” if Makayla Myles-Phillips was “coming back” in the wake of her father’s lawsuit against West.

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