Dominic Fike Files For Restraining Order Against Stalker

Dominic Fike Files For Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker
Dominic Fike Files For Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Dominic Fike is looking for protection from an alleged obsessed fan, who gained access into his home, sat on his couch, and allegedly declared she was in a full-blown three-year relationship with the Euphoria star, Radar reports.

In the temporary restraining order obtained by Radar, Dominic Fike, 28, said that he found Hannah Savas, 26, in the living room of his Los Angeles home on March 26 at 3:45 PM, and it sounded like she felt pretty comfortable at his pad.

The actor Dominic Fike known for playing Elliot in Season Two of HBO’s Euphoria, claimed he was home with his assistant, Francesca Hsu, and a vendor whom he hired to do a job at his home when he “saw a stranger (Ms. Savas) in my living room sitting on my couch holding a large shoulder bag.”

After confirming that neither he nor his assistant knew her, they asked Savas who she was and her answer didn’t ease Fike’s concerns, he claimed.

“Ms. Savas said that she came to see me, that we were texting, that she had made plans with me to come to my house, and that she took a rideshare to my house,” the actor said in the documents, adding he was “extremely disturbed by this.” Fike said he had “never met or spoken” to her before, and when he informed her that he didn’t know her, she “falsely” responded that “she was in a relationship with me for the past three years and did not know why no one knew her.”

Fike claimed she then began “acted erratically.”

“She resisted our attempts to get her to leave the house (continue to state falsehoods about why she was in my house), raised her voice, and used physical force against Ms. Hsu to try to re-enter the house,” he said in the filing on March 29, citing Savas warned that “she would return.”

Fike said Savas allegedly begged his assistant not to call the police as “she was on probation,” but Hsu called 911 anyway.

“After the Sheriffs arrived, they asked whether we wanted to press charges, and we said we did. We did not speak to Ms. Savas again.”

Fike also claimed she “has a recent criminal record” that makes him fear for his safety.

According to the actor, “Savas has a recent criminal record, and has at least two civil cases filed against her for harassment.” Fike also alleged that “she is associated with an address that is approximately one mile from my house, in my neighborhood.”

He’s asking the judge to order Savas to stay 100 yards away from him, his assistant, and his property.

He wants the judge to order Savas to stay 100 yards away from him, his assistant, and his property, revealing that “her recent criminal/civil charges, her assertion that she would be back, and the fact that she may be living close by has caused me to be fearful for my safety in my home.”

The judge has yet to grant Fike’s request, Radar reported.

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