Frankie Muniz Reveals Heartbreaking Confession

Frankie Muniz Reveals Heartbreaking Malcolm In The Middle Confession On I'm A Celebrity
Frankie Muniz Reveals Heartbreaking Malcolm In The Middle Confession On I'm A Celebrity

Frankie Muniz made a heartbreaking confession on Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Australia, Daily Mail reports.

According to the report by Daily Mail, the Malcolm in the Middle star, Frankie Muniz, broke down after his celebrity campmates asked about how being a child actor affected his family life.

The ex-actor, who first began starring in the hit comedy series at 11 years old, said that his career was partially responsible for his parent’s marriage breakdown.

‘Malcolm took us out to LA,’ Frankie Muniz began. ‘Me and my mom went, but my sister stayed with my dad in North Carolina.’

‘But my mom and dad ended up getting a divorce during that time. So in that sense it’s kind of sad to think about that it really did separate the family,’ he continued, visibly moved to tears.

‘I don’t know how much positive it brought to the family. I wasn’t a part of the family since I was 11 because that’s when I left,’ the child star-turned-race car driver added.

His admission comes shortly after Frankie Muniz admitted he’s set for life because he was able to retire as a teenager from his Malcolm In The Middle earnings, and he still receives residual checks to this day from foreign reruns.

Last week, the former actor told his fellow campmates he was worth a staggering $US40million ($61M AUD) by the time he was 19.

The celebs had been discussing online trolling, with Muniz admitting he used to retaliate to offensive comments about him on social media platforms.

‘This kid wrote, “I’m sorry but your acting is just awful”. And I was in a movie, and I went, “Yeah it is, but you know what’s not awful? Being retired at 19 with $40 million. Good luck moving out of your mom’s house before you’re 35,”‘ he said.

‘His Twitter name was ‘I heart Mountain Dew’. Like, OK,’ he added.

Fellow celeb Brittany Hockley proceeded to ask Muniz whether he had earned enough money to retire completely.

‘Oh, 100 per cent,’ he responded.

‘But I’m neurotically motivated. I’ve just always worked since I was eight years old. I don’t know how to just be in the moment and not be focused on what I’m doing next.’

According to The Daily Telegraph, by the end of the show’s run, Muniz was reportedly earning approximately AUD$230,000 per episode, without adjusting for inflation.

The star notably put his Hollywood career aside to focus on race car driving, and also was briefly a drummer for a band called You Hang Up from 2012 until 2014.

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