Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel’s Husband Sued

Josh Bowling Denies Fathering Ex-Wife’s New Child In Lawsuit
Josh Bowling Denies Fathering Ex-Wife’s New Child In Lawsuit

Conjoined twin Abby Hensel’s husband, Josh Bowling, recently found himself at the center of a legal dispute with his ex-wife, Radar reports.

According to the report by Radar conjoined twin Abby Hensel’s husband Josh’s ex, Annica Bowling, reportedly filed a paternity lawsuit in October 2023. The pair share an eight-year-old daughter, Isabella.

According to the paternity lawsuit, Annica, 33, and Josh, 34, were in a nine-year marriage and shared joint custody of Isabella following their separation in April 2019.

However, the paternity lawsuit also revealed a second daughter that Annica had in late 2020 and whose identity remains undisclosed due to fact that the toddler is still a minor.

It is currently unclear whether the paternity lawsuit is in connection to Isabella or possibly Annica’s second daughter who was born in late 2020.

The legal battle reportedly escalated when Annica filed documents in Washington County, Minnesota and requested DNA samples from both Josh and another man, Gavin Vatnsdal, to resolve the paternity dispute.

The lawsuit, which was submitted two years after Josh’s secret marriage to Abby in November 2021, took another sudden turn when a “genetic test report” was filed with the court last month. The results of that test remain confidential.

The timing of this legal clash coincided with the revelation of Abby Hensel’s secret marriage to Josh in fall 2021.

While the public became aware of their union only recently, court records authenticated the legal ceremony and the couple as well as Abby’s conjoined twin, Brittany were thrust the into the spotlight once again.

Abby and Brittany Hensel, now 34, became famous for their shared bloodstream and organs below the waist and have been under public scrutiny since their television debut in 1996 at the age of 6.

Despite their unique physiology as conjoined twins, the sisters carved a niche in the media world with appearances in documentaries like Joined for Life in 2006 and the TLC series Abby & Brittany in 2012.

Although only Abby is married to Josh, both sisters have expressed aspirations for motherhood in the past.

Abby’s remarks during the documentary Joined for Life: Abby & Brittany Turn 16 encapsulated their shared dream.

“Yeah, we’re going to be moms,” Abby said at the time. “We haven’t thought about how being moms is going to work yet.”

 Abby and Josh married in November 2021 even though the pair’s marriage was only just revealed last week.

Abby and Brittany took to TikTok after the marriage news broke to comment on the surprising development.

“The internet is extra LOUD today,” the sisters wrote on Friday. “We have always been around.”

“This is for all you haters out there,” a voiceover said during a second clip posted by Abby and Brittany last week. “If you don’t like what I do but watch everything I’m doing – you’re still a fan.

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