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Buitoni Fraîch’Up Pizzas: Authorities Confirm Deaths

Buitoni Fraîch'Up Pizzas: Authorities Confirm Two Deaths
Buitoni Fraîch'Up Pizzas: Authorities Confirm Two Deaths

A massive recall of Buitoni Fraîch’Up pizzas has already been underway for two weeks after 75 cases in minors and two deaths are currently “under investigation” the health authorities said, AFP reports.

According to the report by AFP, Health authorities in France announced on Wednesday that they had confirmed a link “between several cases” of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) in children “and the consumption of frozen Buitoni pizzas from the Fraîch’Up range of the Buitoni Fraîch’Up pizzas brand contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria. ” The Nestlé brand announced on Friday the immediate recall of all pizzas in the range marketed since June 2021.

“Given this situation, the authorities are asking people who hold Buitoni brand Fraîch’Up pizzas not to consume them and to destroy them”, indicates Public Health France. “Each household is invited to ensure that its freezer does not contain it.”

Buitoni Fraîch’Up pizzas: 2 deaths reported

As of March 28, 2022, according to health authorities, “75 cases are under investigation, including 41 cases of HUS with similar characteristics”. The sick children are aged 1 to 18 and two of them died, specifies Public Health France.

“In the evening, (my daughter) began to have a stomach ache, to have diarrhea,” said the father of Bérénice, a girl currently in a coma after a SHU, to RMC . The family had eaten pizza for lunch.

“The (next) morning, she vomited. We took her to the doctor and then to the emergency room. Behind, everything went at hellish speed. In three, four days, we saw our daughter almost wasting away. to be able to do nothing, just by accompanying him. We saw our child suffer martyrdom, not until the end but we were not far from it…”

Consult in case of symptoms

If you have consumed the products concerned by the recall, the health authorities call for “consult a doctor quickly by reporting this consumption” if:

  • “within 10 days, people have diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting”
  • “within 15 days, people show signs of great fatigue, pallor, a decrease in the volume of urine, which becomes darker”

In the absence of symptoms within 15 days of consumption, “there is no need to worry”, insist the authorities.

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