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28th March 2023

New Orleans Man Arrested Over Body Found Inside Freezer

New Orleans Man Arrested Over Body Found Inside Freezer
New Orleans Man Arrested Over Body Found Inside Freezer (Photo By Sophia Germer/NewOrleansAdvocate)

A New Orleans man is said to have been taken into custody by the police after a dismembered body of a woman was found inside a freezer.

According to the report by WDSU TV, the said New Orleans man who refused to comply with the Police investigation into a 9th Ward death, was arrested.

The report stated that an obstruction of justice of a death investigation warrant was issued and executed for the New Orleans man, identified as a 34-year-old Benjamin Beale at the home where a dismembered body was found.

Beale has not been charged with murder in the case, WDSU report added.

Affidavit findings:

According to a court affidavit, NOPD arrived at Beale’s home on Tuesday in reference to a missing person report.

Court documents identified the missing person as Julia Dardar.

According to the affidavit, Julia Dardar’s ex husband Micah Dardar reported her missing to NOPD in December.

Micah Dardar told police that she had moved in with Beale.

The affidavit says Beale told police he and Dardar were having relationship problems, and allowed NOPD to conduct a search of his property when they found a freezer containing a female’s remains.

Court documents said that inside the freezer a reciprocating saw with flesh and fluid was found along with a head and torso. Deep cuts were found on the shoulder and arms of the body that police believe were inflicted post-mortem, according to the affidavit.

Police say they also found a face shield, googles, and garbage bags beside the freezer.

When police tried to search the rest of his property, detectives found what they called a clandestine meth lab along with items such as kerosene, glass dishes with white powder, propane, a Coleman grill and acetone inside a freezer.

Court records show due to the dangerous conditions inside the home detectives were unable to do a complete homicide investigation, and called on the Louisiana State Police Narcotics Division to assist.

A black safe was also found inside the home in Beale’s bedroom closet. NOPD said Beale gave over the keys to detectives and inside found a bifold wallet, a plush turtle purse, mushrooms, and the ID and credit cards belonging to the victim, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit showed that NOPD booked Beale on multiple drug charges as well as obstruction of justice regarding the missing person case.

WDSU also reported that Neighbours along Pauline Street in the 9th Ward said they were shocked by what unfolded in the area Tuesday. NOPD and SWAT teams were in the area for hours at a home.

NOPD police sources confirm with WDSU that the body of a woman who had been missing since November was found inside of a bus next to a home in the 2200 block of Pauline Street.

Police say the body was severely dismembered. NOPD sources said her head had been chopped off, and many of her body parts were wrapped in plastic. They were found in the freezer of the bus.

Beale was transported to NOPD Headquarters for questioning. He refused to provide a statement.

He was booked into the Orleans Parish Jail on Tuesday night on an obstruction of justice charge, according to jail records.

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