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27th February 2021

Nigerians Drag Osinbajo, Praise Pence For Going Against Trump

Nigerians Drag Osinbajo, Praise Pence For Going Against Trump
Nigerians Drag Osinbajo, Praise Pence For Going Against Trump

Nigerians praise the move by the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence to stand by the People of American by going against the wishes of President Trump to overturn election results in his favour.

Nigerians did this, while also dragging the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Osinbajo for refusing to go against President Buhari and condemn him in some of his anti-people policies and actions, especially during and after the #EndSARS protests across the nation.

While the system of Democracy differs in both countries ( with a lot of similarities), some Nigerians in the local Twitter street, have argued that since Vice President Osinbajo is way more learned than President Muhammadu Buhari, and even Mike Pence, he ought to know better by always standing by the people and the constitution and not his Boss, President Buhari.

The reactions by Nigerians came a few hours after Vice President Mike Pence of the United States, told his boss, President Trump, that he does not have the powers to overturn the electoral college votes. He held his grounds, even with all the pressure being mounted on him by both Trump and Republicans.

Mike Pence and the U.S Congress on Thursday 7th January 2021, formally tabulated each state’s Electoral College votes, with Vice President Pence announcing before a joint session of Congress, that Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris won with 306 votes over Trump’s 232. He was praised for the move, and Nigerians also caught the fever that they have decided to roast Osinbajo.

See some of the comments from Nigeria’s Twitter street:

@TopeAkinyode: In 5 years of lawless regime, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, law professor & Senior Advocate of Nigeria has refused to stand up for Nigerians and the Nigerian Constitution just for once. Sad.

@lionofjada: Atiku fought against a 3rd term agenda. Mike Pence defended America’s democracy by his actions today. Osibanjo… Well……

@Morris_Monye: Mike Pence refused to overturn the electoral college votes and held his grounds. I wish Osibanjo was this patriotic to Nigerians and the constitution. Loyalty to Buhari does not necessarily equate patriotism. The sad thing is Osibanjo is more educated than Pence.

@official_JEW: Pence is not a pastor but acted like someone who have the fear of God. Osibanjo is a pastor but acts like someone who does not have the knowledge of God. They are 2 different VPs. One is black The other is White.

@firstladyship: U.S Constitution says VP Mike Pence, is Senate President. However, the fraudulent 1999 Constitution didn’t confer such powers on Osinbajo So the issue here is MORAL. Repeatedly, Osibanjo has said he is Buhari’s son. Basically, his loyalty is to Buhari & Aso Rock, not to Nigeria.

@Ozo_Njenje: Osibanjo is a coward, Mike Pence showed how men act by going against trumps wishes, don’t say America is not Nigeria, Atiku went against Obasanjo when he wanted to live in Aso Rock forever, May we never have a coward prof like @ProfOsinbajo
as vice president again.

@Dangaraino: Prof Osibanjo, Mike Pence is your mate, your allegiance is to the Nigerian people and not the president.

@UNCLE_AJALA: See how VP Mike Pence stood with constitution by doing the right things as he defends America institutions because he knows the loyalty of any good leader is to the masses & the institutions, we can’t say that for VP Osibanjo, who puts loyalty to Buhari above patriotism & masses.

Well, it was not all dragging for Vice President Osinbajo, as some made some points in his favour, saying:

@JackObinyan: Seeing Osibanjo trending on Twitter I knew it was an attack. His loyalty to our democracy is paining some to their bone marrows, they would wish he declared himself President when Baba was ill. Eeyah, you guys will have to wait till 2023. You can take Ibuprofen till then!

@Letter_to_Jack: How does this affect Osibanjo? Was Osibanjo and Pence in the same situation? Pence followed the constitution, Osibanjo did same. How are you using this as a dig at the VP?

@ikhanvbode: Prof. Yemi Osibanjo 2023, wouldn’t be bad for Nigeria. I’ll pick him over Atiku, Tinubu or the Buhari’s wannabes from the North. His under performance as Vice President is due to Buhari’s perception of the office of the Vice President and the power of the cabal.

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