Tyler Perry Speaks On His Nephew’s Death, Hires Medical Examiner

Tyler Perry's 2nd Autopsy Result Confirms Nephew Took Own Life
Tyler Perry's 2nd Autopsy Result Confirms Nephew Took Own Life

Hollywood film maker and writer Tyler Perry speaks on the unfortunate death of his Nephew, Gavin Porter who was said to have hanged himself inside Dr his jail cell.

Tyler Perry who is not convinced his nephew hanged himself in prison, said he has  hired a famous medical examiner to determine if truly he committed suicide or he was killed inside his cell. This is also the stand of the family who are said to be suspicious as they are convinced there was foul play in circumstances surrounding his death.

Tyler Perry taking to his social media accounts, explained his thoughts and the position of the family on the unfortunate death, where he said:

“A few years ago my nephew committed a heinous crime – he shot his biological father and killed him just feet away from my sister over a senseless argument.

The murder shook our entire family to its core. Despite his horrible act,
before he went to prison, I went to see him in the local jail. I assured him that we all still loved him, but it was important to all of us, including his mother that he was punished for this horrific crime that he has committed. He was sentenced to 20-years in prison,” he said.

Tyler Perry continued by saying:

“Call me naive, but it was my hope that after serving his time, and really reflecting and showing much remorse and asking God for forgiveness, that he would have been able to come to work for me, joining all the other former inmates who work for me and turn his life around just as they have. But that day will never come.”

Tyler Perry says he’s hired Dr. Michael Baden, a famed pathologist who has been involved in numerous cases, including JFK, O.J.and Jeffrey Epstein. Dr. Baden will perform a second autopsy.

As for why, Tyler Perry says, “I want to be clear that we are not a family of conspiracy theorists and want to believe that there was no foul play just as the sheriff said publicly.”

Gavin Porter who was just 26-year-old, was found dead in his cell Tuesday night at a prison facility near St. Helena Parish in Louisiana.

Gavin’s immediate family which includes Tyler Tyler’s sister, who is the mother to Gavin, was told by prison officials he had hanged himself with a bedsheet while in solitary confinement.

Some unnamed sources had also told TMZ that officials told the family that Gavin had gotten into a fight with another inmate over the weekend and was placed in solitary. But around 6 PM, guards checked on Gavin and found nothing of concern.

The guards came back at 8 PM Tuesday and found Gavin dead. He had hung himself with bedsheets. The family has been notified there’s no foul play in the death, but our sources say Gavin’s family isn’t necessarily buying the story.

Gavin was arrested for shooting and killing his biological father back in 2016 in front of his mother. After cops say an argument erupted between the two. He pled no contest to manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years.

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