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4th October 2022

Actor Chris Tavarez Bags 300 Days For Domestic Violence 

Actor Chris Tavarez Bags 300 Days For Domestic Violence
Actor Chris Tavarez Bags 300 Days For Domestic Violence

Former Hollywood child actor, Chris Tavarez has been sentenced to 300 days in prison, which is about 9-months, 3 Weeks, and 5 Days, for felony domestic violence.

Chris Tavarez who is known for playing Darien in the Disney show K.C. Undercover, reportedly struck his girlfriend during an argument that turned violent. in early November and then was claimed to have fled the scene.

According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Chris Tavarez pled no contest to the charge and was sentenced to 300 days behind bars.

The Disney actor was also placed on five years of formal probation and was ordered to stay away from his victim for the next 10 years.

The sentence included 52 weeks of domestic violence awareness classes and he will have to complete a one-year domestic violence awareness class.

The ‘K.C. Undercover’ star was accused by his then-girlfriend of head-butting her during an argument and choking her during the same incident.

The victim filed a restraining order against the actor outlining details she claimed happened during the incident.

According to legal documents, the woman says she was dating the actor for only two months before the violent incident

The 21-year-old woman claimed in the filing Chris Tavarez “started picking a fight with me which started out of the blue. He started yelling in my face things like “shut the f* up” and “b*h.” I got up to go to the bed and (he) grabbed me with both arms and pushed me against a wall. He then put both hands around my neck. I immediately started crying. I was able to get away and go to the bedroom.”

She continued, “Things calmed down for an hour. But then the verbal aggressiveness began again. He started insulting me and putting me down and comparing me to the other girls. This lasted about five minutes and I started to get up and leave. He then grabbed me by both of my arms and would not let me get up and leave the bed. I tried to get up at least two more times but he held me down. Then (he) started slapping me hard on both sides of my face and eyes. He did this at least ten times.”

At one point, she claims he then, “headbutted me to the back of my head. He also pulled my hair to the point where my head was restricted.”

She continued, Tavarez, “Jumped on top of me and bit my right shoulder hard for 20 seconds. I was able to get up and get dressed and I attempted to leave. But, respondent prevented me from leaving and started slapping me in the face again. This laster for an hour. He kept saying “You are not going to leave.”

Days after the alleged assault, which happened between Nov 8-10, Tavarez was arrested on a felony charge by police.

Later he was released after posting $100,000 (£77,800) bail.

Chris starred alongside actress Zendaya in Disney Channel’s TV show K.C. Undercover.

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