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Nobody That’s Not Fela paved the way for me-Burnaboy Slams Critics

Nobody That Is Not Fela paved the way for me- Burnaboy Slams Critics
Nobody That Is Not Fela paved the way for me- Burnaboy Slams Critics

Burnaboy slams critics once more, after his tweet on 12th February 2020, where he called himself the best musician out Nigeria since Afrobeat legend, the late Fela Kuti attracted a lot of criticism.

He even told those who care to listen that nobody that is not Fela Anikulapo Kuti paved the way for him.

The outbursts by the Afro-fusion sensation to many did not come as a surprise, as he is well known to be a very controversial individual. This attitude was even what got him the stage name, and subsequently the name of his last album, the “African Giant”.

Burnaboy who laid claim to paving the way and bringing Afrobeat genre to the mainstream where it is currently enjoying western recognition had said:

The same people that wish you the best to your face are the same people that hope and pray you Fail so that they can feel better about themselves. That’s just Life. That’s why complements mean nothing to me cuz hate, Jealousy and “it should have been me” are sugar coated by them

FACT! I always knew I was and I am THE BEST. Everyone you think is the best KNOWS I’m BEST since Fela Kuti. But@timayatimaya told me something a long time ago that made me not care about being the best. “The World can do without the Best” the world will still spin regardless.

Lol. NOBODY paved shit for me. Everybody dey find them own. I bin Out here, if you knew the way they made us look weak by begging and paying the western world to like us you will see that no table was set and I’m the one that brought you the Respect you currently enjoy”.

The one-time Grammy nominee, Burnaboy, not done or better still trying to make the world understand his statement better after some media bashing, on Saturday 15th February 2020 took to his Twitter handle again, to reply to his critics on his previous tweets on Wednesday.

The ‘Ye’ crooner just like his tweets on Wednesday, put out a series of tweets to close his argument, saying:

“If you know you danced or sang along to any Burna Boy song Or you was at any of my Shows turning up anytime from 2012-2018 and you are following these Spineless Olodo’s to say I’ve only been here 2years or your following them to rejoice and wish me bad.

Nobody That's Not Fela paved the way for me- Burnaboy Slams Critics
Nobody That’s Not Fela paved the way for me- Burnaboy Slams Critics (via-burnaboyworld/instagram)

Remember I Told you I was the African Giant and most of you laughed and said I should be grateful for small fonts. I pray that you Learn from me, I mean this in no bragging way and the Wise know that the Future of Africa depends on the kind of strength and resilience i Show.

You say “thank God he didn’t win”. Because I say the Truth? And because of your twisted Fake views on humility. Ive been out here With My Family since 2012 going through unspeakable things just to get here against ALL ODDS.

I repeat. Nobody that is not Fela or My Family can EVER say they paved any way for me. Fuck you!

I drew my own map and followed it. This is just the beginning tho. Una no go sleep!” he said.

But does he still have a point though, as we have truly been dancing and singing to his songs since 2012!

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