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Odom Begs Fans To Respect Parr, And Stop Bringing Up His Exes

Odom Begs Fans To Respect Parr, And Stop Bringing Up His Exes
Odom Begs Fans To Respect Parr, And Stop Bringing Up His Exes

A few days after his elimination from the Dancing With The Stars, former Lakers star, Lamar Odom is back in the headlines again, as he pleaded with fans to respect his relationship with Parr and stop asking him questions about his exes.

He said this after putting up a photo of his woman Sabrina Parr, with him grabbing her backside, telling fans he is tired of the questions as he is where I wants to be and he is fine. 

Taking to his Instagram page on Thursday, praised his daughter and his current girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, as the most important women in his life and the best he has ever met. He said:

The look on @getuptoparr face is how she makes me feel every day,” 

“Outside of my daughter, this is the most serious and committed relationship I’ve ever been in with a woman,” he continued. “I’m tired of people asking me questions about my ex’s based on old interviews and old comments!”

Odom wrote that he “said what I said then based on where I was in life at that time,” adding, “I was young, wasn’t sober and going through a lot.”

“All of that is different now. I’m at where I want to be at!” he concluded.

 Odom and Kardashian split after four years of marriage, and their divorce was finalized in 2016, and even though they called their love back then unbreakable, Lamar clearly those four years meant nothing to him, and he continues to take a jibe at Khloe.

Odom and Sabrina started dating in August, at least that was when they went public, That same month, the two spoke about their romance in an interview on Dish Nation.

“It’s the truth. She’s black,” Odom said when asked how his relationship with his personal trainer and life coach girlfriend his different from those in the past.

Parr explained why she decided to pursue a relationship with Odom, despite his highly publicized past.

“Sometimes pain, I think, attracts women,” Odom initially answered before Parr could. “The pain I’ve been through.”

That wasn’t my story, I wasn’t attracted to the pain and the drama,” the health and life coach rebuked.

“You have to meet people where they are,” Parr continued. “He was never in a position to be someone’s husband, you know? He was sick, he needed to heal, he needed to grieve. He experienced a lot of losses. And he never had time to go through that.”

She also responded to Lamar Odom’s Instagram message:


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