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  • Modeling: Naomi praise black models and diversity in the industry

Modeling: Naomi praise black models and diversity in the industry

Modeling: Naomi praise black models and diversity in the industry
Modeling: Naomi praise black models and diversity in the industry(via-IG/naomicampbell)

Modeling: Naomi Campbell has praised some group of black models who performed well at the just concluded Paris fashion week, and comparing her time when she started in the 70s, she said the modeling industry is now more diverse and more talent based unlike what it used to be. She said:

Paris Fashion Week…just ended, which ends the international world wind of SS’19. Here are three of my favorites models, of my many favorites models.

I love this image. Reminds me of myself in the 70’s, working and hanging out in Paris.
I am proud and really pleased for the working model of color, specifically the black model. What I also admire is the sisterhood that has been created between them. No longer the resentment and competition toward each other as once before. Because so many of them are working, season after season.

For now, it’s no longer the norm of design house booking none or one or two black models per collection. Now many designers are choosing the model of color to represent their collection. Making it OK and showing it doesn’t matter what color the model is as long as she represents the brand. It’s refreshing to see how racial diversity on the runway makes our industry appear modern, influences other industries and media, as it should.

There was a time, not long ago, a designer and his team could not imagine a model of color in the their collection. Or open or close a show with a black or Asian girl. It made one wonder “why be so determine to show your ignorance and allow yourself to be thought of as a racist?”. Because the industry was not known for that back in the day.

If so, I would not resemble what I see in this photo as a model or been a successful model on the runway.
Well that was then and this is now, “happy days are here again”. These young beauties are just that, and every time I see them and my other favorites, I beam with pride.

But for sure, these three take to the runway, like fish to water. They stride and move with contained excitement. I know because I have seen them do it. I recognize it because I did the same. These girls have it, they are good. It makes me really happy, to discover a girl that knows why she is there and “brings it” every time. It’s most important. That’s a model.

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